December 25, 2009


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Wow it's Christmas already! Wish you enjoy and celebrated it with full of LOVE. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. May God Bless You ALL! Love you all guys. :)

December 18, 2009

Twitter Wonder: Ellen DeGeneres

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One of the best and coolest host I've watched was Ellen DeGeneres. I love and enjoyed watching her show. This morning I checked my mail and saw an mail update from twitter.

And then I checked my twitter account and was really surprised that she did actually add me! :D

It made my day like when Lady Gaga followed me on twitter :) but still I'M SLEEPY!! ~.~

December 13, 2009

20 years of life

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There was a couple who had their first child, a little girl, who was born on December 13, 1989. She grew up loving Japanese culture and still loving being a Pinay-Espanola. She was a proud Asian, a proud PINAY. She was also an ambitious girl, who has a lot of dreams. She was an adventurous kid, she loves to travel and she was also a frustrated photographer. She was her Daddy’s little princess and one of God's best gift to her parents..

Wah! It’s been 20 years since I was born. Yeah, I’ve turned 20 years old this December 13, 2009 and I can’t believe it that I am a young adult now. I’m still on my denial stage; I wanted to stay young forever, teenager forever but I need to move on and accept the reality. I hope I would have another fruitful year.

I thanked God for these 20 years of life. I thanked Him for guiding and protecting me, for helping me to recover from my despair, for the strength that He gave me every time I’m down, for giving me good friends and good people that surrounds me. I thanked Him for the challenges and lessons I've learned. I thanked Him for my family. And lastly I thanked Him for the endless love He gave to me, to my family and to the people that are close to my heart.


December 1, 2009


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Honestly I hated my country's government especially the officials. That's why I hated my subject "Politics and Government" haha. Anyway, when I was in high school I decided not to register for the 2010 election because I know nothing will happen even I vote but due to my subject's policy that before the Pol Gov's final exam we should be a registered voter, there's no choice for me, so I registered for the sake of my grade. *sigh*
Why Politics sucks? Last November 23, 2009 a group of people was found dead in Maguindanao, Philippines. I really hate people killing each other. Why do they need to kill each other? Why not help each other to make our beloved Philippines be a better country? If this massacre is due to politics, it really sucks! Poor souls are killed due to people selfishness, hungry for the position so that they can corrupt and get the people's money.
Let's pray for these poor souls. They were 50+ and still counting dead bodies found.
1st day of December! 12 days to go I won't be a teen no more. T.T

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