December 25, 2009


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Wow it's Christmas already! Wish you enjoy and celebrated it with full of LOVE. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. May God Bless You ALL! Love you all guys. :)

December 18, 2009

Twitter Wonder: Ellen DeGeneres

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One of the best and coolest host I've watched was Ellen DeGeneres. I love and enjoyed watching her show. This morning I checked my mail and saw an mail update from twitter.

And then I checked my twitter account and was really surprised that she did actually add me! :D

It made my day like when Lady Gaga followed me on twitter :) but still I'M SLEEPY!! ~.~

December 13, 2009

20 years of life

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There was a couple who had their first child, a little girl, who was born on December 13, 1989. She grew up loving Japanese culture and still loving being a Pinay-Espanola. She was a proud Asian, a proud PINAY. She was also an ambitious girl, who has a lot of dreams. She was an adventurous kid, she loves to travel and she was also a frustrated photographer. She was her Daddy’s little princess and one of God's best gift to her parents..

Wah! It’s been 20 years since I was born. Yeah, I’ve turned 20 years old this December 13, 2009 and I can’t believe it that I am a young adult now. I’m still on my denial stage; I wanted to stay young forever, teenager forever but I need to move on and accept the reality. I hope I would have another fruitful year.

I thanked God for these 20 years of life. I thanked Him for guiding and protecting me, for helping me to recover from my despair, for the strength that He gave me every time I’m down, for giving me good friends and good people that surrounds me. I thanked Him for the challenges and lessons I've learned. I thanked Him for my family. And lastly I thanked Him for the endless love He gave to me, to my family and to the people that are close to my heart.


December 1, 2009


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Honestly I hated my country's government especially the officials. That's why I hated my subject "Politics and Government" haha. Anyway, when I was in high school I decided not to register for the 2010 election because I know nothing will happen even I vote but due to my subject's policy that before the Pol Gov's final exam we should be a registered voter, there's no choice for me, so I registered for the sake of my grade. *sigh*
Why Politics sucks? Last November 23, 2009 a group of people was found dead in Maguindanao, Philippines. I really hate people killing each other. Why do they need to kill each other? Why not help each other to make our beloved Philippines be a better country? If this massacre is due to politics, it really sucks! Poor souls are killed due to people selfishness, hungry for the position so that they can corrupt and get the people's money.
Let's pray for these poor souls. They were 50+ and still counting dead bodies found.
1st day of December! 12 days to go I won't be a teen no more. T.T

November 20, 2009


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Had our retreat last November 12-14 at Tagaytay Haven. I was assigned to room 305 with my roommates Maan Lim and Gail Ducusin. The place was a paradise, I love the climate, the environment and everything! I also love our room though the only missing at our room is the television!! T.T
November 12 - Our first day and night at Tagaytay Haven. Picture over there and over here. Our sleeping time was 10pm and other students are trying to escape and go to other rooms that has television and watch PBB! Unfortunately, I haven't watch that night's episode because we were afraid to be caught.
November 13 - I cried a lot. :( Embarassed. I cried to a batchmate who's not close to me. Yikes! Anyway, it was a nice experience. Our sleeping time was extended until PBB is finished! haha and this time we've watched the night's episode.
November 14 - Batch Picture. Class Picture. love it! And it's our last day at the hotel!! awww...
Lessons Learned:
  • That I should love my parents without anyway reason not because they're my parents. "Mommy and Daddy, I love you."
  • No one can bear not watching pbb x3 Everyone sacrificed their online lives for the retreat but no one can stand not watching PBB! They.. We will do everything just to watch every episode. :D

Photos can be seen @ my livejournal

November 18, 2009

December 13, 1995.

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I'm sad because I didn't saw the meteor shower because of it, it reminds me the most beautiful birthday present given by God to me.

Last December 13, 1995, when I just turned 6 years old God gave me a wonderful birthday gift. We were in SLEX that time going home from Enchanted Kingdom when we saw a METEOR SHOWER!! not just 2, not just 5 but more than 20 meteors fell down :) it was a nice experience and gift, I remebered I tried to ask one wish every meteor fell but I can't because it was too fast.

That meteor shower was the Geminid meteor shower where it peaks at December 13-14 every year so this year I want to witness again this wonderful magic given by God.

November 5, 2009

Mission Failed

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We went to Cavite to meet my friends, to have bonding and everything. We went first at Naddine's house and played her organ then the "i've-been-talking-about-last-entry" guy told us to go to his house to have a MEETING, as the others said to me, we went to his house waited for him for 1 hour and a half minute! anyway, I enjoyed waiting outside and punching Kuya Nico and Alex haha. To make the story short. I met him but I haven't told him anything he was so busy singing or too shy to talk to me and unfortunately I have my curfew so there I haven't confessed anything to him. Too bad, I was ready for confessing anyway it was his fault not mine.
Oh, I have a new brother lol, Kuya Tino wahaha yeah, the storm!! And Naddine gave me her porcelain doll yeah! I was planning to name her Dale still I need Din's permission :D

November 2, 2009


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how are you, my blog? it's been a while since my last entry.

I have this dilemma. There's this guy who I've met last march 2008 and he confessed to me last april 2009 that he has this romantic feelings towards me. Then he told me that he wants me to be his girl and been waiting for my answer for six months! Believe that? :0

He's not actually my dream guy, my prince charming, my edward cullen. He's just an ordinary guy and opposite of the type of guy that I want but he passed on my two requirements which are the height (which should be taller than me 5'7" and above) and the age (can be the same age or older than me.. about 5 years?).

And guess what? I think I'm falling for him.. >.< My problem is that I'm not ready for this kind of relationship. You see, I am a "No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth" girl and my parents doesn't know anything about the guy and his intentions though my little brothers knew there's something going on with me and the guy.

And now, I have decided to tell him PERSONALLY what I feel for him on Wednesday. Please, please pray for me. T.T

October 23, 2009


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YAY! Defense is already finished! THANK GOD! :D and we also finished our revision so the only thing we need to do related to thesis is passing the first draft. :D wish we have a nice grade. The hell week is already surpass YAY! I thank you God.

October 12, 2009

Missing You

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"Everytime I think of you
I always catch my breath
I'm still standing here
And your miles away
And I wonder why you left me
And there's a storm that's raging
through my frozen heart tonight
I hear your name in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spent my time just thinkin about you
And its almost driving me wild
But its my heart thats beggin down
this long distance line tonight "
-Tyler Hilton and Taylor Swift
obviously, may namimiss ako. haay.
nanadya siya! di siya masyado nagpaparamdam. papansin!

October 8, 2009


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Last tuesday, October 6, 2009, I went to Amf-Puyat bowling center to watch my parents play bowling. When I came at the bowling alley they were announcing the leading players in game two where my mommy was in the 3rd place for the female's division and my daddy at 4th place for the male's division. My parents are both in different lanes, as far as I remember my father was in lane 13&14 while my mom was in lane 19&20. I was sitting on the seats in lane 19&20 and watching my mom playing (while twittering and eating katsudon), I've noticed that my mom is always getting a spare (all pins are down after two balls) and I've noticed that since I came she haven't had any strikes so after eating the katsudon I transferred seats from lane 19&20 to lane 13&14 because it was really cold in my mom's lane and I have a feeling that I'm a jinx to her. :) Anyway, I watched my dad play and I was so amazed to see his score full of spares and strikes (all pins are down by using one ball only). So I stayed there and watch him. At the ninth frame he had a foundation. :)
My father's initial is RE. Foundation is a strike (X) in the ninth frame
And then at the tenth frame he got a strike followed by a spare but still he got a sandwich game. That's a nice one though he wanted a strikeout (three strikes in the tenth frame).

Sandwich Game is a 200 game with alternating strikes and spares

I saw my mom's score she had a strike on the last box of her tenth frame. :)

Anyway, here's the good news. After the game the guy in the counter is announcing the winners. By the way, my dad was standing at the counter side, my mom said my daddy was counting his score. So I was waiting for my daddy's position. Unfortunately the second and first place was not my dad, actually it made me sad because I was expecting that he would be either in the second place or first place, and when the champion was declared, we were surprised to hear the winner's name and it was my daddy! hehe. He was the champion in the men's division and I didn't expected that he'll be the champion. Then in the female's division the top 3 was declared and didn't hear my mom's name and later found out that she was in the fourth place.

Anyway, I'm so happy for the both of them.

Congratulations for the both of you and I'm so proud of you.
And let me play bowling again.. :D please.
and both of you promised that you'll be my coach ;)
remember? hehe

snapshot of my daddy playing bowling

September 29, 2009


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people I'm encouraging everyone to help, volunteer and donate for the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

Classes in Metro Manila and other affected areas are suspended until saturday make this one week to be productive and volunteer! If you have old clothes, towel, blankets and slippers please donate them. They also need ready to eat foods, water, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, basic medicine, diaper and sanitary napkins. Please people help our fellowmen this simple things will help them a lot.

P.S. for people like this girl >> please stop bashing country and pray for the victims of the typhoon. Be afraid of Karma.

Any 7/11 stores, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Jollibee and McDonald branches are now accepting donations.

click this link for other location of drop offs.

September 27, 2009


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one of my unforgettable moment ever in my life.

yesterday early morning I wake up at 6am and looked outside and saw heavy rains and strong winds. I'm expecting that our Student Council President will send a group message that the classes are suspended so I sleep again and woke up at 7am and my wish was not granted. I went to school super late and the class started at 8am and I'm still at the road. There were strong winds and it made my umbrella broke. I came at school around 8:15 to 8:20am. Around 9:30am the guard told our Professor that the classes are suspended and the students may leave at 10am. Around 10 am we went to the 6th floor because we have a scheduled meeting with our statistician and the school staff agreed to extend the time limit to get out of the building and students should leave at around 12nn. At 12nn, our prof (the statistician) told us to go home but we still stayed because of the heavy rains so the guard agreed to let us stay. It was really cold because the air conditioner is open and we had a free wifi :D

Around 4pm the guard turned off the wifi and asked us to leave the building but still we didn't. I think around 5pm we all decided to leaved the building. Jannic and I decided to go to our school's main building as we go there we saw Jen Mateo getting some boxes and told us that they will put it at the floors to serve as a mat to sleep on. Then the guard told us that we can stay for a night at our school. So there we helped jen to fix the room. To make the story short. There were a lot of students stayed at school. The lower years slept at the hallways and some seniors used the classroom 1 and nursing arts classroom. Then the professors used the nursing arts classroom because it has a BED! UNFAIR! I stayed at classroom 1 together with the other seniors. Anyway we used the blankets and hospital gowns in our Nursing Arts Classroom. We've used the LCD to watched movies in a big screen :D Stayed there until morning. Students have duty at Cavinti came at school at 12AM!!!! 12 hours of trip. I slept around 1230mn and woke up around 3am. At 7am my father went to fetch me. :D it's one of my unforgettable memories and my first time to go overnyt and be stranded at our school. :D

Guys, lets help the typhoon victims by giving relief goods at ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya Warehouse, WhiteSpace, 2314 Pasong Tamo Ext., beside Makati Faith Christian School, Balay Expo at Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City, Red Cross Rizal Chapter, Shaw Boulevard infront of SSS building, and in other 7/11 stores. They need cooked foods, water, clothes, blanket, milk and diapers for the infants

You can also help by texting. Red Cross donation through SMS: text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart). donate in these amounts: 5, 25, 50, 100 and 300

and last but not the least, let's pray for them for their safety and health.

September 19, 2009


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One way to destress myself is painting. I love painting since I was a kid. When I was in gradeschool I paint anime characters because of busy schedule I stopped for awhile.

Here's the painting I made last night. I was too stressed yesterday so I did some painting to relax myself. Actually I can't interpret my own painting haha.

FYI, I love oceans and waves, so most of the time my painting are about bodies of water and WAVES! :D

Suggestions, Comments and Reactions are really appreciated even violent reactions. :D

September 6, 2009


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Do you believe that the great Epifanio Delos Santos was my great great grandfather? HAHA I dont know if it's true but my mother told me that he was her great grandfather. Still I dont believe it. :)

August 28, 2009

Bucket List

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We had a film showing for a subject in our school and one of the movies we've watched was "The Bucket List". It was a heart warming movie about two different persons who has cancer and did a list of things they want to do before they die.

So here I am making a list of things I want to do before I die. (This is actually our assignment hehe)

  • I want to travel the world. Go to see the places and meet other people. Appreciate what God made for us.
  • Join in an United Nation organization.
  • Memorized all the brand/kinds of Cars :)
  • Have my own Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, Lexus LS Hybrid or Porsche 911
  • Finished studying Arts or Medicine
  • Have a huge house at Tagaytay or Antipolo for my parents
  • Donate my money to an orphanage or house of the aged and to WWF and PAWS. And also to UNICEF.
  • Do extreme sports.
  • Join a F1 or F4 racing and freestyle motorcross
  • Buy my daddy a Honda Hawk GT or Pulse 500 motorcycle. (my father is a motorcycle addict)
  • Have my own BMW grand prix motorcycle
  • Buy my mommy a Lexus IS-F (my mother loves Lexus so much)
  • Make my mommy stop gambling
  • Make my little brothers stop their vices.
  • Have my own Canon Eos 5d
  • Learn all the musical instruments specially violin and piano.
  • Have my own manga/comic published
  • Have a own photography gallery
  • Have my own art gallery
  • Drink lots of alcohol beverage and softdrinks and eat all the food and drinks that I should not eat. Drink all kinds of coffee. :)
  • Eat a live octupus from South Korea.
  • Ride on a rollercoaster.
  • Stand in two places.
  • Eat a bundaegi, a steamed/boiled silkworm pupae, from South Korea
  • Be a member of a orchestra
  • Make a good charitable work.
  • Teach children to be closer to God.
  • Assist in a Heart Surgery.
  • Reconcile my aunt's family and my mother.
  • Have a grand reunion of Empeo, De Leon and Ballesteros family at Gumaca, Quezon
  • Have my own land and house in my father's hometown, Gumaca, Quezon.
  • Have a super huge christmas tree :)
  • Make a snowman.
  • Have a human sized Mickey Mouse doll.
  • Swim in the Lake or River naked x3
  • To see a Pirahnna with my two own eyes.
  • And lastly to marry to someone I love and have my own family and my own children. :)

:) there's still things I want to do that were not listed.

I'm planning to buy a book entitled "Places you must see before you die" and I'll start the travelling after I graduate :).

August 23, 2009

Popopoker Face.. Lady Gaga

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OMG. I super like Lady Gaga. I envy her body (specially her legs), face and voice. And this early morning I checked my mail and saw this.

Then I immediately checked my Twitter and looked on the people who followed me and saw that Lady Gaga did followed me on my twitter! :)

it actually made my day =3


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I have my own Twitter account. :) follow me guys. hehe

August 18, 2009

Sunday Noon @ Makati City

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This is Makati. It was a Sunday noon of August 16, 2009. I super love Makati though I didn't live in Makati but I spend my childhood days going to Makati City and making it my second hometown. As I said, I love this city but I love it more if it is Sunday. The place is so quiet. You'll see few cars, no traffic, no crowd, no busy people. It was nice to walk around Makati every Sunday.
Almost all people thinks of Makati City as one of the busiest city and yes it was. traffics and everything but everyone needs to rest. So Sunday was the rest day of our beloved Makati City. Just a random thought. hihi. =3
Photo shows the dela rosa st. (the back of Makati Medical Center)

August 10, 2009

O.R. Duty Day 5. =3

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Sa Operating Room kami ngayon nagduduty. Masaya sa OR. Anyway, nakaisang case ako today. Fistulectomy dahil wala pa kong room para sa case, nagcirculating muna ako kay Kyon sa case niya na Hypospadia. Ang super cute ng bata, 4 years old lang siya pero super cute niya. Ginawa ko lahat ng aking maiitutulong sa scrub nurse at sa classmate ko HAHA pero la pa rin kwenta x3. Four hours ako nakatambay dun haha.

Then lumapit na si sir at sinabi na dumating na case ko, buti na lang di na ako nahirapan magsuot ng sterile gown at sterile gloves hindi kagaya dati. sandaliang suot lang. Nakita ko na magulo ung instruments so ang ginawa ko inayos ko ito ung mga OS (gauze pad) inayos ko rin. After ko ayusin ung mga gamit mga ilang minuto lang tapos na ung Operation =3. Ung case ko is Hemorrhoidectomy with Fistulectomy. Ambilis haha.

1minor case to go at ako'y complete na sa requirement ng PRC.

nagquiz kami kanina. super hirap mukhang ewan nga eh. di ko lam kung may tama akong sagot. HAHA x3.

August 8, 2009

Just another day~

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haay ito ako ngayon walang pasok. pero kailangan umalis para hindi bawiin ung allowance ko hehe =3
I just want to share this picture taken by me.
comments, suggestion, opinions and violent reactions are welcome.

click the photosto enlarge
all photos taken by me =3
Model: Clarins Torrontegui

August 5, 2009

Goodbye President Corazon Aquino

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“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”

-Corazon C. Aquino

How should I start? hmm.. Isa ako sa mga taong sumabaybay sa paggaling ni Former President Aquino. Isang araw paggising ko nagulat ako sa balita na namatay na siya. Sino ba si Corazon Aquino? siya lang naman ung tao na nagbalik ng Demokrasya sa bayan, ang ating kalayaan. Hindi pa ako pinapanganak nung nagMartial Law at nung People Power I (EDSA Revolution) kaya hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyari nung mga panahon na iyon pero masasabi kong maswerte ako kasi naranasan ko ang kalayaan na ipinaglaban ng dating pangulo. Ngayon, idadala na siya sa kanyang huling hantungan ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa dating pangulong Corazon Aquino at sana po ay maging masaya na po kayo sa tabi ng ating Diyos at ng inyo pong asawa na si Benigno Aquino. May your humble and beloved soul rest in peace.


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guys, I'm back! sorry nawala ako ng suuuper tagal kasi nasiraan kami ng pc for ilang months. anyway ito ayos na ung pc namen hehe.

May 25, 2009


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wuu~ Bakasyon na! tapos na summer duty namen last May 23 ngalang kahit bakasyon na kami parang hindi pa rin hehe kasi sa June 8 pasukan na! hmmpf! ambilis lang kainis! hehehe.

anyway, di ko na naman naupdate tong blog na toh! katamad kasi haha. ge un lang. bye! (haba! haha x3)

April 27, 2009

17 again

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I just watched the movie, 17 again, last april 25, 2009. Worth it naman ung movie for 160 pesos hehe. anyway.. wah! ang gwapo pala ni Zac Efron, I mean gwapo talaga siya pero ngayon ko lang naappreciate ang kagwapuhan at hottness ni Zac. haha And obviously, CRUSH KO NA SIYA NGAYON! haha
haha.. anyway..
related with the title and movie, gusto ko rin maging 17 again. Why.? hmm...
When I was 17...
...I don't lie to my parents, good girl ako di ako marunong magsinungaling specially with my parents
...I never think of my outfit, wala akong paki noon kung bagay ba ang shoes ko sa shirt ko and etc.
...I was my daddy's little girl
...I cried every night, ang saya kaya paggising mo magaan ang pakiramdam.
...I never entertained any suitors, as in. pag nag ask na sila di pa tapos siguro ung phrase sasagot na ko ng "NO!"
...lagi ako nasa loob ng bahay
...masipag ako manuod ng mga bagong anime
...hindi ako madamot lalo na sa pera
...mahilig ako manlibre
...marunong ako magsulat ng Hangul ng walang GUIDE!
...memorize ko ang list ng Presidents of United States of America
...nagdradrawing or nagdedesign ako ng mga clothes, etc.
...I am not conscious with my body, I mean wala akong paki kung mataba or whatsoever ako
...wala akong paki sa grades ko (eh di ko nga gusto ung course) pa ko
syempre may mga ayaw din ako nung 17 ako like may curfew ako, super limited ang paglalakwatsa (kaya nga lagi sa bahay), super strict ng daddy ko (until now), I hated my mother, I dont like my course, I hated my brothers, di ako marunong magcommute from my house to RTR or anywhere, pinagbabawal pa ko magcommute, suuuuper nega ako as in madramang bata, uto-uto ako kahit anung iutos mo gagawin ko, hindi ako marunong magbudget at mag ipon! aun. nakalimutan ko na haha
masaya maging 17 kasi minor pa ko haha. nung mag18 na ko naiiyak ako kasi ayaw ko talaga mag18 even though na alam ko madaming privilege sa buhay ko ang pagiging 18 ayaw ko pa rin kasi isip bata nga ako ayaw ko pa magmature haha. Ang una kong inisip nung nag 18 ako is ung lovelife haha as in sabi ko kasi pag nag 18 pwede na mag entertain ng suitors pero di pa ko ready for a relationship hanggang fantasies and crushes lang. Pero nung nag18 ako marami din ako narealize at super nagbago ako, like napatawad ko na ung mommy ko, nawala na ung hatred ko sa kanya for 11 years, natuto na ko magcommute at dahil dun lakwatsera na ko at nakakapunta ako ng tagaytay mag-isa, nag iipon na ko ng money, nagkaroon na ko ng passion sa nursing etc.
ngayon 19 na ko, wah! ambilis ng panahon parang kelan lang star scout ako HAHA. di pa ko ready mag 20! di pa nga ako ready grumaduate eh haha..
aun, pero syempre madami din ako pinagsisihan kagaya sa pag-iipon, haha sana may dslr na ko ngayon! walang kwenta post ko ngayon haha. anyway, ang gwapo talaga ni ZAC! haha x3

April 24, 2009

Food Trip with Riqi and Majo @ Mongkok, Brownies and Fruit Magic

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OFF TOPIC: nainggit ako sa blog ng idol ko HAHA x3 so baka maging photoblog toh.. wahehe adik!
isa sa mga favorite hobby namen.. Resto Hopping and Food Tripping haha x3
kelan ba toh? hmmm... ah! nagconfess sila majo at riqi sa greenbelt after namen magdasal sa church.. nagpurikura kami. hehe
purikura! yay! sorry super adik ako sa purikura~
xempre ginawa na namen ung favorite hobby namen. so.. aun, nagrestaurant hunting kame. napapunta pa kami sa glorietta 5 haha.

Head or tail? hmmm...~

And it was decided!! sa Mongkok kami kakaen!!

super quiet sa restaurant.. kami lang ang maingay HAHA x3

excited si riqi pumili ng food~ HAHA x3

*aya - "anung meron? oh.. G4! HAHA" *riqi - SMILE!


ma nourriture! bon apetit!

gutom si majo.. suuper gutom

after namen kumaen sa Mongkok.. nagCR kami haha.. habang nasa loob ng CR~ woosh...! nagblack out sa GLORIETTA 5!! astiig~ akala ko may nagshoshoot ng horror movie sa Glorietta 5.

creepy~ see the smoke?

di pa sila nakuntento sa Mongkok. Pumunta pa kami sa food court ng Sm Makati. At nakareceive pala ako ng good news from my parents. nanalo sila ng 50k sa Casino. bongga! ngalang 3k lang ang nareceive kong money. andaya! anyway, ayun nilibre ko si Majo at Riqi ng brownies. heheyay! brownies! =3at bumili sila ng fruit magic =3
fruit magic lady and brownie girl HAHA x3 mga future endorsers x3

For the complete set of photos click here

Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe lagi kaya kami dito..super sarap ng pastry and pastas dito. HAHA.
Via Mare excited na ko sa April 30! VIA MARE here we come!!
Brothers Burger

Galileo Entoca ako lang yata may gusto kumaen dito! within greenbelt/sm/glorietta/landmark vicinity lang daw!
Chef d' Angelo
CIBO libre mangarap!
Italiannis ay ito talaga! hanggang pangarap lamang haha x3

may music na ulet blog ko! haha x3
Lollipop by 2ne1 featuring Big Bang... nakakaLSS ung song. la lang hihi

I suuuuper envy Park Bom's beauty

T.O.P. and G-dragon are ♥!

Honestly speaking I'm a fan of Sandara Park since she started here in the Philippines.. hihi =3

April 20, 2009

I Have A Dream

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I just woke up. haha I have this super weird dream for two consecutive days.. astig nu? haha nakakagulat kaya. anyway, my dream was me being PREGNANT! di ko na maalala ung first day basta ung kanina, pumunta daw ako ng MMC for our annual P.E. tapos natatakot daw ako kasi PREGNANT daw ako! Mahuhuli daw ako, hindi ako pwede mag aral sa RTR kasi nga buntis! haha ang adik nu?
anyway, nagsearch ako sa net about the dream.
To see a pregnant belly, represents emotions that are due to come to the surface. They can no longer remain suppressed.
To dream that you are stroking or touching a belly, indicates that you are coming to terms with certain feelings. You are slowly confronting and acknowledging your repressed emotions.
Psychological Meaning: Pregnancy Dream
The Pregnancy dream may represent your real fears about falling pregnant. Dreams are also often influenced by our bodies so are aware if there is a condition. However, in most instances dreams about pregnancies represent psychological conditions. For example perhaps you are awaiting something to happen in your life and have worries and fears about this - we speak of 'a
pregnant pause' sometimes. Or maybe you hope to give birth to a new plan or are at the start of a new relationship .Pregnancy often represents new growth in your life and new opportunities.
-OMG. tinamaan ako sa mga interpretations haha x3
siguro super anxious nga ako and siguro may something na dadating sa buhay ko. nu kaya un? huhu Lord God, ito po ba ung answer mo sa tanung ko para sa aking Major Decisions? =3
Tinamaan talaga ako, lalo na dun sa BELLY! shemai.. >.<
I still believe in God, alam ko tutulungan niya ko magdecide about dun. I have faith and trust in him! Lord God, HELP ME.
Dalawang Problem ang aking nararanasan ngayon (di talaga xa problem, question siguro.. whatever! haha) na kailangan talaga pag isipan ng mabuti as in magbabago talaga ang buhay ko. "YES or NO" lang naman ang sagot. Ito pa naman ung mga problem na kelangan ko ng advice pero di ko masyado shineshare sa mga katauhan. Pili nga lang may alam, super unti lang minsan di ko pa kinekwento as in sinasarili ko lang. Haay, goodluck to me! I'll just pray and pray until marealize ko na kung ano ung tama para sa buhay ko. =3
Dreammoods and Dreamsleep for the interpretations.

April 7, 2009

tomo..? =^-^=

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siguro another looooooooooooooooooooooong blog entry na naman toh. HAHA xD.
about naman toh sa mga taong naging friends/best friends ko. actually dapat about toh sa mga taong nakapag impluwensiya sa aken ngalang kay Clarins pa lang ang HABA NA! HAHA xD
  • Charlene Verano
    hindi ko alam kailan ko siya unang nakilala basta nakikita ko sa pictures ko na ever since baby pa lang siya friends na kami (mas matanda ako ng 1 year). Isa siya sa mga kababata ko (dalawa kasi sila), siya ung makikay na friend ko. Mas close ako sa kanya dati kasi katapat lang namen ung bahay nila (ung isa kasi ilang bahay pa ang pagitan). Super close ako sa kanya, lagi siya sa bahay namen minsan ako din lagi sa bahay nila. Crush ko nga ung kuya niya. wahaha. minsan sabay pa kami naliligo, o di ba? nakikiligo pa ako sa kabilang bahay. Pag gising ko ng umaga after ng morning care, diretso na sa bahay nila. 8am hanggang 6pm tambay lang ako sa kanila. Mahilig din siya sa anime pero mas mahilig ako sa anime sa pagkakaalam ko hehe. Basta lagi kami magkadikit, di kami naghihiwalay. Ang ugali niya, ang naalala ko, pag everytime na may laro kami siya lagi ang bida, kapag bahay bahayan xa ang nanay, basta siya lagi ang bida. Nasa malayong lugar na siya ngayon, hehe nasa Paco, Manila na xa (di naman malayo, joke time!). Last na kita namin, 1st year college yata ako sa RTR. Thankful ako sa childhood friend ko na 'to. She unknowingly saved me from that traumatic experience nung maliit pa kami. Super thankful ako kung di siya dumating at hinanap ako baka ano na nangyari sa aken. Unforgettable Moment, para kaming baliw. Pinaniwala niya ko na totoo ang mga characters ng Yu Yu Hakusho at nakakausap niya ito (parang psychic?) HAHA. aun naniwala naman ako.
  • Veanney Therese M. Esquibal
    Si Vea, yan ung isa kong kababata. Siya ung pinakamatagal kong kaibigan hanggang ngayon nagkikita at nag uusap pa rin kami. Nung bata kami, di kami gaano nagkikita, I mean may specific time lang na pumupunta siya sa territoryo namen. HAHA. madalas hapon kasi nga ilang bahay pa ang layo niya sa amen (3 houses lang actually nung bata kami). Si Charlene crush niya ung kapatid ni Vea, wala lang share ko lang haha. Kung si Charlene ay girly si Vea naman boyish haha. Madalas ko nagiging kalaro si Vea tuwing summer kasi dun lang nilalabas ung kitchen set niya haha. Kaya naglalaro kami ng luto lutuan. Nung lumipat na ng bahay si Charlene sa Paco si Vea na ung naging closest friend ko sa may amin. nung mga high school na kami iba na school namen (ay schoolmate ko pala xa nung elementary, naging classmate ko din xa ng dalawang beses.), lagi akong tambay sa bahay nila minsan sila. Magkasundo kami ni Vea kasi parehas kaming boyish pero ayaw ni Charlene at Vea sa isa't isa, ah basta di sila masyadong close. Kung si Charlene mahilig sa anime itong si Vea, hindi. haha. Lagi niyang sinasabihan na bakla si Nuriko. Oo siya un! bastos xa! HAHA. Pero kung tutuusin mas kilala ako ni Vea compare mo kay Charlene. Alam niya kung anung ayaw ko, alam niya buong lovelife ko hanggang ngayon haha. Atsaka nung bata kami makapal ang mukha namen sumasayaw kami sa harap ng bahay namen, ah basta lagi kaming sumasayaw kasama ng mga kapatid namen. Si Vea din nag introduce sa aken sa Legion of Mary, member kaming dalawa dun dahil sa busy schedules din na kami nakakaattend dun. Unforgettable Moment meron ba? haha ang ilalagay ko dito sana ung first time namen mag away dahil inasar ko lang siya kay Cheeno Murayama (tama ba spelling) haha tapos birthday niya di ako umattend kasi may conflict nga pero naging ok kami nung mismo birthday niya dahil pinagbati kami haha. Un na lang.
  • Monica San Jose
    si Monica, ang alam ko classmate ko siya simula nung nag aral ako. Di ko alam paano ko siya naging kaibigan kasi mas malayo pa xa kanila Vea as in sa kabilang dulo pa siya nakatira. Nung nag elementary ako sa Sacred Heart School kami ung lagi magkasama hanggang grade 1 pero nung grade 2 iba na section niya. One time, nag absent siya, umiyak ako kasi wala akong kasama. haha babaw. Unforgettable Moment hinipuan niya ko! un lang haha.
  • Clarins A. Torrontegui
    practice ng graduation nung elementary may cute na malaking babae na nakasuot ng mickey or minnie mouse na headband (di ko maalala sori) na nakapila sa likod. Sabi ko sa sarili ko "gusto ko siya maging kaibigan" pero di magkasabay ung schedule namen kasi panghapon siya pang umaga ako. Iba din school service niya. Nung nag grade 1 ako, lumipat na ako sa school service nila Clarins at di ko akalain diyan diyan lang pala sa tabi tabi nakatira yan. HAHA. Naging close kami nung grade 1 kasi magka school service kami hehe. Nung grade 2 naging mag classmate kami, magkasama kami sa isang grupo. Naalala ko nung grade 2 kami, magkatabi yata kami o nasa harapan ko xa? basta, naiinggit ako sa kanya kasi may polly pocket siya ah basta may laruan xa na sanrio characters tapos ginawa nilang bahay ung pencil case ni Clarins. sana nagets nio.. HAHA. Siya pala ung bata na lahat ng gamit puro HELLO KITTY at FYI, imported at galing Japan (kelangan ba iemphasize un?). At natutuwa ako sa kanya kasi Grade 2 palang xa nagdradrawing na niya si Olive Oyl ng perfect at by this time nalaman ko na adik din pala siya sa anime (actually di ko maalala kung kelan ko nalaman na mahilig pala siya sa anime basta nung grade 2 pinag uusapan na namen ang anime). Grade 3, ang naalala ko sa taas ang classroom niya ung akin nasa baba tapos lagi yata xa pumupunta sa room namen di ko alm kung bakit tapos napagkamalan kami ni Mark na magpinsan. Grade 4, magclassmate ulit kami, magkasama ulit kami sa isang grupo actually ang pinakaclose sa kanya dito is ung isang Ara tapos lumipat na siya ng school ng kalagitnaan ng year. Ayun adik pa rin sa anime. haha. Sa kanya ako lagi nagpapadrawing ng anime characters naalala ko first drawing niya ng dragonball character binigay niya sa aken (kasi si trunks un! eh crush ko un!). Isa siya sa mga taong sumsuporta sa akin sa pagkabaliw ko kay Nuriko. Kung si Vea parang anti Nuriko si Clarins pro! Ang haba na nito. Grade 5 niregaluhan niya ko ng mug at until now buhay pa ung mug na un at inaamag na, di ko talaga ginagalaw haha. Naghiwalay kami nung 1st year high school kasi lumipat siya ng bahay sa Mandaluyong at dun na siya nag aral ako naman sa Taguig. Pagdating ng 2nd year High School bumalik sila sa bahay nila dito at ito pa sa school ko siya nagtransfer. Di kami magclassmate nung 2nd year pero pinaniwala namen ung mga tao sa school na magpinsan kami! Ung iba naniwala lalo na sa section ko papansin lang si Clarins kasi pinagsabi na niya yung totoo. Nung una parang weird kasi di pa kami nag aaway pagdating ng 3rd year puro kami away kung kelan naging classmates kami dun pa kami nag aaway. HAHA. Maraming kadramahan madalas kasalanan ko ay hindi pala madalas LAGI! HAHA. Ako ang may sala bakit kami nag aaway sa simpleng pagkain lang ng tinapay nag away na kami. HAHA. pero meron pang mas deeper issues and everything. Ayaw ko na ang haba na nung kay Clarins. Kung icocompare ko si Vea kay Clarins. Si Clarins lagi kong kasama pero mas kilala ako ni Vea compare kay Clarins. AH! nung grade 5 kami lagi kami magkasama nila Vea at Clarins tapos maglalakad kami ng mabagal para masaraduhan kami ng pintuan kasi ayaw namen umattend ng flag ceremony pero nung bandang gitna ng year may nangyari between sa tita ni Clarins at sa ate ni Vea so nagkaroon ng ilangan issue pero by the end of the year ok na. Ayoko na maglagay ng unforgettable moment. mahaba na masyado HAHA xD. Ah! Bestfriend ko pala siya HAHA for 12 years and still on going? hehe.

May iba pa kong ilalagay.. sa part 2 na! tae ung kay clarins ang haba!

meron pang iba..

sina, Mark Anthony Uy, Ibrahim Miguel Fazonela, Rama Ian Locsin, Clarizza Marie Lozada, Kimberly Delos Reyes, Aubrey Alexis Beltran, Jennifer Anne Fuentes, Jan Nicole Delicana, Ma. Arra Enrica De Rama, Joel Bernados, Naddine Alelih Sarto, Group Twoot (Renz Vincent Belnas, Michael Shem Bermudez, Franz Joseph Buquid, Marijo Mae Cuevas, Inna Imari Del Castillo, Rigel Doctore, Marianne Jessica Enriquez, Trisha Mae Galia, Charmaine Gauiran and Katherine Guilaran)... sabi sa inyo madami pa! HAHA =3

April 6, 2009

Direct Attack~ Back Stabber!!

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anyway, there's this blogger, posted his PMs with my groupmates. PM means personal message. Personal things and issues should be remain private. The message is just between you and the sender. Yeah expression of freedom but you should not abuse it!! Our group just want to talk to you there's no violence involve. What's the big deal about it? it's just a talk. And we don't care about your cosplay blabs (except for alex). Our main concern is about you using and posting a picture of our member with a statement of "Haro Am I normal?". What if I stole your picture and posted it somewhere and put a statement like that? Would you feel happy? arggh!!

And yet you didn't showed up yesterday.

March 23, 2009


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meron kasi akong friend na guy. close kami ewan ko kung super close pero close kami.
nung mga ilang buwan lang ang nakalipas ok ok pa kami eh.
sa kanya ako naglalabas ng sama ng loob. sinasabi ung mga secrets ko. etc. basta un
nung tumagal umiba na ugali niya. di naman ako nagagalit kasi nagbago siya. baka nman ganyan talaga ugali niya wala pa namang isang taong kilala ko ung lalaking un!!
anyway, nung una hindi ako naiinis sa kanya. siguro nadala lang ako sa emosyon ng mga kagrupo kaya siguro naiinis ako sa kanya. tinanong ako ng isang groupmate ko
"di ba close ka kay..?"
"lumalayo na din ako sa kanya"
"bakit ka lumalayo sa kanya?"
napaisip ako kung bakit nga ba? ung unang reason kasi nagselos ung kaibigan ko sa aken kasi crush niya ung guy na un. pero nung sinabi ko sa friend ko na lalayo na ko sa guy na un sabi nia wag ko daw gawin. so hindi rin pwede un kasi matagal tagal na un. "bakit nga ba?"

mababaw lang ung rason kasi BINARA nia ako!!
di ba sabi ko nga sa inyo xa ung nilalabasan ko ng sama ng loob sa kanya ako nagkwekwento. nagkwento ako ng isang beses. binara pa naman niya ako. tapos biglang alis. lam nio ung mga scene sa mga drama na sinigawan ka tapos biglang aalis xa tapos ikaw nakatayo ka lang. para ganun. ang babaw nu?
atsaka siguro ung hindi nia pag attend ng mga meeting ng group. actually nahawa lang ako sa mga kagrupo ko.
simula nun, hindi na ko sumasabay sa kanya pag-uwi, di na ko dumidikit sa kanya, di ko na rin xa masayado kinakausap.
dati natitiis ko pa ung mga tukso niya sa aken pero ngayon di ko na matiis, makita ko lang pagmumukha niya nababadtrip na ako. dati siya ung unang una na tao na ininvite ko pag may gusto akong puntahan pero ngayon di ko na iniisip na isama xa sa mga gala ko.

hindi ko na nga siya naririnig na sumisigaw ng "HARUHI!!!" bilang na lang. ayaw ko na rin sumigaw ng "KYON!!!" kasi nababadtrip lang ako.
pero gusto ko pa rin na maging ok kami syempre nakakamiss din siya nu!! atsaka gusto ko matuloy ung GROUP COSPLAY namin nu!!! anyway,

gumawa ako ng entry kasi naiinis ako sa kanya ngayon. infareness di kami nagpansinan ngayon.
Ako kasi ung taong mahilig mag GM sa text. ung isa kong kagroup nagkwento na madami naiinis sa aken pag nag ggm.. kaya un nagdrama ako dun sa guy na un.. na ayun nga marami pala naiinis sa aken. sabi niya "sa mga nakakaintindi ka na lang magGM, ung group naten". eh di un dun lang ako naggGM. tapos kanina nagGM ako, putik! BINARA na naman ako!!!
ang babaw nu? siguro kasi hindi ako sanay...

simula ngayon. real name mo na lang itatawag ko sau. bumili ka ng pizza mo mag-isa!!!

Minsan naiisip ko na kaya niya ko nilalapitan o sumama xa sa akin kasi may kailangan siya sa aken or whatsoever!

madami pa ako kinaiinisan sa kanya! naiinis ako. sana maging ok na kami kasi 1 year ko pa xa makakasama. maganda sana kung hindi ko xa kagrupo pero hindi kagrupo ko xa eh, sana wag ko lang xa maging partner sa duty.!! ayaw ko ng gumagawa gawa lang ng interventions sa progress tapos di nman iniimplement!!

un lang. *bow*

March 15, 2009

Duty for the 3rd year of my life in Nursing

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1st semester

-Nursery at Makati Medical Center (C.I.: Mam Adelle Morong)
ito na ung first day ng duty ko with the new group. Ito ung mga days na iniisip ko kung magiging close ba ako sa kanila, magiging ok ba ako sa kanila. Ito rin ung first day ko humandle ng mga bata ay mali newborn babies. Dito ko naranasan mag alaga ng babies, magpaligo, magpalit ng diaper at gumawa ng PROGRESS NOTES!! HAHAHA Xd. Pero di pa actual, sample charting lang, bawal yata eh. Anyway, the best part sa Nursery is the Admission. Super nakakatawa tuwing may admission ako yata ung sumisigaw! HAHA. excitement is in my heart!!! Pinakafavorite part ko sa Admission is ung Suctioning at Injection of Hepatitis B Vaccine. Ang pinakaayaw ko is ung magpaligo ng babies, paano ba naman kasi ANG BIGAT nila at NANGANGAWIT ako HAHA! Masasabi ko dun sa mga Nurse is super bait nila at ang kukulit nila natutuwa ako sa kanila. Dito ko rin naranasan ung totoong IC, Individual Conference. Kawawa kaya ako kay Mam Morong. Ang naalala ko lang na question niya sa aken is ung "Kelan nag mamature ang Immune System ng bata". Promise di ko talaga alam! HAHA. 2 months after ko pa nalaman. Nakakamiss din ang Nursery. Ung Case History ko dito is a pure japanese, atsaka laging naassign sa akin ay puro Japanese. La lang. Naging favorite ng group ung song na Tell Me by Wonder Girls, oh san kau, habang nagquiquix kinakanta nila yan. HAHA
-Delivery Room at Makati Medical Center (C.I.: Mam Erika Sheryl Garbida)
Hindi ko makakalimutan sa Delivery Room is ung Minor Operation ko. Super promise di ko xa makakalimutan, ang hirap iexplain eh. Isa pang unforgettable moment is ung nagbleed ung buntis as in nagBLEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super lahat ng nurse nagpapanic! Dalawa lang yatang case ang nakuha ko diyan, ewan HAHA. halos ginagawa ko sa DR is umikot ng umikot in short GUMALA! haha. pinakagusto ko na maassign ako is sa Room na walang PATIENT! Hahaha xD. ayaw ko sa RR madami patients. super dami! q15 pa ang VS! Ito lang ung rotation na maraming make up duties.. =3 Lagi kong partner si Renz Belnas sa Rotation na toh.
-6th Floor at Makati Medical Center (C.I.: Mam Irene Dacuno)
Ito ung rotation kung saan ko naramdaman ang pagiging nurse. Nakakatuwa kasi hindi ka talaga mabobored. Marami ka matutunan kasi ung mga nurse dito friendly and approchable. Minsan namimigay pa ng meal stub! Unforgettable moment is ung patient namen ni Renz Belnas, nagBlood Transfusion tapos super kakarating lang namen nanginginnig an xa, nagcramps daw lower extremities niya. Super Toxic! at muntik pa kami magka Incidental Report nila Renz, Mam Dacuno and Mam Abby kasi muntik na mahulog ung patien pero di xa actually nahulog kaya walang I.R.. hmm.. ano pa? Ito ung mga times na tinataguan namen si Mam Magpatoc. HAHA. tuwing darating siya, takbuhan kami sa patient's room! At dito ko rin naranasan Mag Actual Charting as in mag iisip ka ng Nursing Diagnosis at isusulat sa progress notes. Ano pa ba? Nameet ko ung barkada ni sir briones! AHAHA! si Mam Vic at siya pa ang unang buddy/primary nurse ko ngalang nagresign na siya at nag C.I. din.
-Bangkal Lying In at Brgy. Bangkal, Makati City (C.I.: Mam Beth Tingcungco)
First day na first day sinigawan kami ni Mam! Tapos nakaupo kami sa round table isa isa tinatanong at walang maisagot haha. super duper takot kami kay mam! Kami tatlo nila Franz at Renz ung first batch na magpapaanak. Si Renz sa assist, Ako sa actual at si Franz sa newborn care. Boljak si Franz. Sigaw ng sigaw si Mam! hehe. Buti na lang nung nagkanewborn ako, naglelecture kami kaya binigay na lang sa aken at di ko naranasan ang bagsik ni Mam Tingcungco! Pero nung tumagal nagugustuhan namen si Mam. Kasi kwento xa ng kwento about sa lovelife, showbiz, etc. At ito pa, pati about kay Sir Briones nagkwekwento siya lakas ng trip ng mga kagrupo ko. Haha may naalala ako. bumili ng nescafe 3-in-1 si gel gusto niya ibigay kay Mam para hindi mahigh blood eh natatakot siya. So, nagvolunteer ako, wala naman nangyari nag Thank you lang naman xa, the next day si belnas na nagbibigay kay mam tingcungco. Tuwing tinatawag ako ni Mam, alam ko na kung bakit. May natira siyang pagkain! HAHA. Ibibigay niya sa amen ako kasi lagi niya nakikita kaya ako nauutusan ibigay sa mga kagrupo ko. Kaya tuwang tuwa si Khate at Kyon. Ito ung rotation na laging BREAK. HAHA. ano pa? INIWAN AKO NI MAM TINGCUNGCO!!!! absent tuloy ako, 3 days make up tuloy! hehe. perfect health teaching ko, walang correction puro check! Kasi di naman siya nanuod sa health teaching namen. haha wawa ung nauna sa amen!
-8th Floor (Communicable Disease) at Makati Medical Center (C.I.: Mam Luz Magpatoc)
di ba sabi ko nung 6th floor kami, tinataguan namen siya. Ito hindi namin xa mataguan kasi siya ang C.I. at adviser namin sa for Grand Case Presentation! Ang di ko makakalimutan is lagi akong nakatambay sa kwarto ng patient ko kahit alam ko na nakakahawa ung sakit niya HAHA! nang invite pa ako ng mga kagrupo!!! Kung nung Nursery natoxic ako sa I.C. ni Mam Morong, ibang klase si Mam Magpatoc! Sasakit talaga ulo mo! SUUUUUUUUUPER TOXIC talaga! sa umaga ok pa pero pag nagpacheck ka ng nursing diagnosis, good luck sau! May naalala ako, HAHA, bigla nawala ung mga kagrupo ko at ako'y nagtaka un pala nakatago sila sa Pantry. eh di triny ko nung bandang tanghali, first time ko tumambay sa pantry!!!! sa kasamaang palad nahuli ako, actually may kasama ako nun pero nakatago siya kaya di xa nahuli. Mahabang storya. dalawang beses ako nahuli ni Mam, pero mahaba talaga haha. tinatamad na ako. Ito rotation ung muntik na ako umiyak. HAHA. nagluluha na nga ako nun eh. buti na lang mga bata ung mga patient ko maliban dun sa last half japanese, suplado! HAHA
-4th Pavillon and di ko maalala ung isang Pavillon at San Lazaro Hospital (C.I.: Mam Priscila Longanilla)
Ito ung rotation na talo pa biyahe sa duty. I mean ang haba ng oras ng biyahe tapos ung duty super bilis! Kakarating mo lang charting na agad! At super naculture shock ako, no offense pero nagulat ako sa ibang schools. Ayoko na lang magcomment. Anyway, nakakatuwa kasi ang daming iba't ibang klase ng sakit sa SLH. Naalala ko may patient ako pinamemorize ko sa kanya ung names ng mga kagrupo ko at si Riqi lang naalala niya! hmmpf! HAHA. Si Kuya Sarap! ang tindero ng chocolate at C2ng sobrang lamig na suuuper magaling mag acting! Nakakamiss siya! Suki niya kasi kami HAHA. Si Kuya Randy at ang MMC Bus! ang bus na ginawa naming BAR! dahil super traffic lagi sa Maynila ang ginagawa namen is pinapatay ung ilaw ng bus then sara lahat ng kurtina then sayawan na! HAHA. Masaya sa SLH, lalo na dun sa ilalim ng mango tree!!!
-Pio-Arguelles Health Center at Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City (CI: Mam Adelle Morong and Sir Adrian dela Cruz)
Ito ung rotation na lumawag ang aming kalooban long story din. katamad magkwento. Anyway, masaya dito sa Health Center mababait din ang mga tao dito. Pinakagusto kong part is ung immunizatin day, mag iinjection kami ng mga bata! Nung si Mam Morong ung C.I. namen ok ok lang ung duty, may bumababa para tumulong, pero nung si Sir dela Cruz na ung C.I. namen, ibang klase, MAS OK! kahit wag ka ng bumaba! haha. Takot ako sa partner ko sa diad, Si Charm. Super talino kasi basta natatakot ako sa kanya. Ah, dito ako nagcelebrate ng birthday ko! tapos birthday ni Mam Morong. ano pa? si Eva Fonda, Eva na tawag ni Mam Morong at Sir dela Cruz kay Riqi HAHAHA! Di ko makakalimutan ung batang kamukha ni Jin Joson ung gusto niya ako iuwe HAHA. nakakatuwa xa, namiss ko tuloy xa hehe.
-National Center for Mental Health at Mandaluyong City. (CI: Mam Margaret May Ga)
Ang original C.I. namen is Mam Tingcungco pero kinuha na siya ni Lord kaya si Mam Ga na. Anyway, ibang experience toh! Sumakit ang ulo ko para makakuha ng information about sa patient ko. Hehe. Pero masaya! Masaya silang alagaan. Nahuli ako ni Mam Ga natutulog haha! ano pa? Sumakit ung ulo ko sa papers! lalo na sa NPI! kabadtrip! Madalas gawin dito is reporting and film showing kapag walang patient interaction. Si Mam Ga, super baet nia at kamukha niya si Angelica Panganiban.
-6th Floor at Makati Medical Center (C.I.: Sir Fur Serquinia and Mam Vic Tamayo)
Bago pa magduty natatakot na ko kay Sir Fur kasi ung mga pinagsasabi nila about kay Sir, ganito xa ganyan xa. Pero excited din ako kasi nga favorite ko ang 6th Floor. Anyway, super dito ko natutunan mag isip ng Nursing Diagnosis na suuuuuuuuuuuuper haba! ibang klase kasi si sir! At nagulat ako kasi hindi naman totoo ung pinagsasabi nung ibang students (pero sabi nila nagbago daw si sir, as in ang laki daw ng pinagbago). Marami ako natutunan kay Sir Fur as in suuuper dami! di ko na mabanggit kasi nga suuuuuuper dami! Tapos malakas pang mantrip haha. pero ung half ng rotation na toh nagpalit na ng C.I. si Mam Vic. Makikita mo kay Mam Vic is namimiss niya pagiging staff nurse ng 6th Floor kasi sasama talaga siya sa rounds ah basta sa lahat ng gagawin mo. Masaya si Mam Vic kasi makwela at one time nilibre niya ko ng pamasahe hanggang sa amen (taga merville kasi xa...). Siguro ung 6th floor ung pinakamemorable at the best rotation na naranasan ko kasi ang dami kong natutunan! at sabi ko nga dun sa una, dito ko nafeel ang pagiging nurse =3.

March 9, 2009

For The Future

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"Ara pot, anong gusto mo paglaki mo?"
"Gusto ko maging Doctor
3 years old ako ng pinangarap ko maging isang successful Doctor, kaya tuwing christmas and birthday ang gift sa akin eh ung laruan na doktor doktoran. Ng ako'y mag grade 2, sabi ko sa Lolo ko mag guguro ako sa mga bata. Nang nag grade 3 ako, sabi ko magVeveterinarian na lang ako. May isang activity nung grade 3, isa mga questions ay "Ano ang gusto mo paglaki?" sagot ko "Veterinarian" sumabat ung classmate ko "Ara, gamutin mo naman ung ipis ko!" (Papansin.. ). Pagdating naman ng grade 4, super duper adik na ako sa anime, (matagal na akong adik sa anime, kinder pa lang! pero ito adik na talaga) nadiscover (kuno!) na marunong pala ako magdrawing kaya sabi ko ang kukunin ko pag nagcollege ako is Fine Arts. Nang nag grade 5, Fine Arts pa rin pero.. ibang klase! Kelangan maging mangaka ako sa Japan! HAHA... Hanggang grade 6 desidido na Fine Arts talaga ang kukunin ko.
1st year Highschool, maliit pa lang ako, gala na ako.. adventurous daw? HAHA so pinangarap ko maging stewardess pero kalahati ng taon ko sa 1st year nagustuhan ko din ang Psychologist dahil challenging.! 2nd year highschool, wala na akong paki sa mundo HAHA! Ah ayun! parang nagkakainteresado ako magPMA or PNPA. di ko lam kung bakit dahil siguro mahilig ako sa baril. 3rd year High school, ginive up ko ang pagdradrawing, feeling ko kasi di ko talent un kaya di na ako sumasali sa mga drawing contest hindi kagaya dati. Nung 3rd year, maging isang successful novelist or scriptwriter masaya na ako. Naalala ko gumawa kami ng comics ng bestfriend ko, xa sa illustrations ako sa script. Masaya naman. mukha lang ewan. Gusto ko rin pala maging Journalist or Newscaster that time! Half year ng 3rd year.. gusto ko maging paleontologist/archeologist, so decided ako kumuha ng BS Biology then after nun Geology, ngalang hindi natupad kasi super ayaw ng mommy ko ung gusto ko kahit until now gusto ko pa rin matupad ung dream na un pero may isang tao talagang suportado ako sa dream na toh, hehe si Ms. Jennifer Digo, adviser ko nung 3rd year. Humilig din ako sa blog nung 3rd year, kaya parang nagustuhan ko kumuha ng multimedia arts or anything connected sa Computer. 4th year Highschool, Nagdrawing ulit ako! super ayaw ko na talaga magdrawing! pero pinipilit nila ako sumali. actually tatlo kami, 2 lalake isang babae (ako un).. pag may drawing contest laging kaming tatlo ung sinasali haha kaya halos kilala na namin ang isa't isa. anyway, hindi ko na binalak kumuha ng Fine Arts. Sumali ako sa Theatre Arts.. Naassign ako sa production team, specifically Assistant Set Designer (FYI, Set Designer namin ung lagi kong kasama sa mga drawing contest wala lang share ko lang), nung naging assistant set designer ako dun ko na nagustuhan maging INTERIOR DESIGNER. Masaya maging Assistant Set Designer, ngalang laging nasa bakasyon ung Set Designer namen kaya tambak sa aken ang gawain HAHA. After ng Theater Arts, binalak ko magtrabaho sa CCP as production staff or Usherette, sayang ok na eh, ngalang ayaw ng parents. Fourth Year, Last year ng Highschool... UNDECIDED talaga! ayun, ang nakuha ko tuloy Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
hmmm.. nangarap pa din ako ngayong college.. pero yaw ko na ituloy ung kwento haha. ito 3rd year Nursing Student na ako. pero may plans na ako for the future.
Starting this year mag aaral na ako for Nursing Board Exam and for MNAT siguro by December 2009 kukuha ako ng exam. Sana matuloy! WAH!
pero may another choice ako, gusto ko kasi after boards may kinikita ako... so baka after boards magNurse ako (6th floor!!!!) or stewardess na lang. Then after 2 years mag aaral ako ng Medicine. Habang Nurse ako gagawin ko na lahat ng gusto ko! =3
NOTE: Pag ako naging isang Host ng isang travelling show.. igigive up ko ang Nursing at seryoso ako or pag nakasama ako sa isang orchestra.. promise igigive up ko ang nursing,...
actually unti pa yan, madami pa kong gusto sa buhay, so di ako sure sa mga plano ko baka magbago pa yan.. hehe pero ngayon yan muna! WAH! sana matupad!
"I'll be successful not because of others dream,
I'll be successful because of my dream"
(wrong grammar yata? HAHA ewan!)
-dream ng Mommy ko maging Nurse pero pinillit xa ng parents niya magPulis. Papansin, kaya niya ako pinagNurse. HAHA. pero isa siya sa mga taong nagsusupport sa decision ko magMedicine.
-pero the best ang Daddy ko. Lahat sinusuporthan niya ako, maging Fashion Designer, Photographer, Medicine etc. basta kung san ako masaya susuportahan daw niya ako.

March 2, 2009

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

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Last february 16, 2009. Habang gumagawa ng Individual Case Study for NCMH Duty I felt dizziness, weakening, muscle weakness and headache. Sumakit din ung throat ko pero still continue with my work. Akala ko kasi ung mga nararamdaman ko is psychological (signs and symptoms ng katamaran.. haha). The next day, February 17, 2009. Gumising ako ng 4am, super bigat talaga ng katawan ko. Ang sakit sakit ng ulo ko then I tried to checked my temperature, it was 38.9 °C! Gusto ko talaga pumasok kasi pasahan na ng case study pero sabi nila magpahinga ako, ayaw ako papasukin ng daddy ko. so ayun, hindi nga ako pumasok. natulog ako buong araw. Then pumunta ako sa MMC para sa magpacheck up. nakita ko pa ung kabilang section nagduduty (Group 2 section A group yan ng pinsan ko, nakita ko pa ung pinsan kong makulit hehe). Super nanghihina ako nung pumunta kami sa MMC nahihirapan nga ako maglakad. Anyway, nung nagpacheck up ako. Naiinis ako dun sa Doctor, di man lang chineck breath sounds ko, chineck ung tonsils ko, pinalpate ang lymphnodes parang ewan lang "ok, may URTI ka" di man lang inexplain sa aken ung pathophysio ng sakit ko kahit alam ko ano un, pero di ba? ah basta nakakainis. ayun nga, Medical Diagnosis ko is "Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Bacterial". Meron akong Cough and Colds with Fever, Pharyngitis and Laryngitis oh ang dami nu?. Na refer ako sa Laboratory for CBC, putik ang tagal 3 hours ako naghintay! lantang gulay na nga ako pinahihintay pa nila ako. Anyway, nakita ko si Isidor Domingo a.k.a. IC, ang crush ng bayan. Medtech siya baliw na baliw sa kanya ung mga kaklase ko pero galit ung pinsan ko sa kanya dahil nagkahematoma ung pinsan ko dahil sa kanya HAHA! unfortunately, hindi siya ung nag extract ng blood ko. Sayang iingitin ko sana si Riqi at Cez HAHA! after nun, bumili pa kami ng medicines, ang dami! actually apat lang un. Paracetamol, Amoxicillin, tapos di ko na maalala ung dalawang meds, basta ung parang orange juice na super asim and ung super liit na tablet. NAKAKATAMAD UMINOM NG MEDICINES SA TOTOO LANG! Pagkauwi ko, tulog agad ako. Hindi rin pala ako makakain. Ay, ito pa pala nag experiment ako. Wala akong ginawang interventions to alleviate hyperthermia. Dahil gusto ko mafeel magkafever ng 40 °C. Pagdating ng 7pm oh, pagcheck ng mommy ko sa temperature ko, 40°C! super lahat sila nataranta.. ginawa lahat ng nursing interventions na madalas ko ilagay sa nursing care plans. Ang hirap pala, di ko kaya. Natulog ako buong araw. The next day 38.7°C ung temp. ko.. Tapos nasusuka ako, wah! lahat ng kinain ko sinuka ko! tapos tulog ulit. mga 10am, nag ayos na ako at mga 12nn pumasok ako kahit hindi ako pinayagan kasi nga magpapasa ako ng case study ko at may exam sa PMSD!!! ayun. 3 weeks akong may URTI. ! week na may Laryngitis ant Pharyngitis. Namiss ko ang Ice Cream kaya pagkagaling ko bili agad ng ICE CREAM! HAHA pasaway! ayun ang nangyari sa aken. minsanan lang ako magkasakit, ang hirap pala. Akala ko may pneumonia na ako hehe. atleast ok na ako ngayon.

February 26, 2009

Coping Mechanism

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wah! nakakahiya ung previous post ko TwT.
wag nio na lang pansinin kasi kaEMOhan ko lang un. haha. ok na kami ng daddy ko. nakakahiya sa daddy ko. birthday na birthday niya ang emo emo ko! pinaiyak ko si daddy kanina. TwT. bad ako. huhu. kelangan ko bumili ng gift bukas. kahit isang maliit na card lang. hindi ko talaga xa binati kanina. kaya buong araw daw hinihintay ng daddy ko na maggreet ako kasi nung bata pa kami ako lang nakaalala na birthday niya kaya sure xa na ako unang maggreegreet sa kanya. ang baaaaaaaad ko! sinira ko araw ng daddy ko. ngayon ko lang narealize na suuuuuper babaw ng problema ko. ang hina hina ko sa coping mechanism kaiinis! atsaka di ko pala kaya maghunger strike! kumain ako! naiinis ako! tataba na naman ako! huhu TwT. parusa na lang sa aken un, gawin ba daw punishment ang food. anyway, nakaisip na ako ng bagong coping mechanism. every week manunuod ako ng sine! un na lang! dati kasi nung kami nung bestfriend ko naglalaro kami nung easy to dance ba un? ung sa market market. tapos lahat ng galit namen dun namen nilalabas, kaya ayun masaya ang buhay. eh ngayon, wala ako masabihan ng problema, feeling ko lahat iniiwan ako sa ere. ang drama ko. tama na. magiging masaya ako this year. kelangan ko maging masaya! waaaah! sige dito na lang.. kelangan ko na gumawa ng research ko about sa URTI! =3 bye!


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happy birthday to my daddy.. and i hate you!
unang pumasok sa utak ko.. gusto ko na magpakamatay ang emo! hindi ako nagpapakaemo! huhu.. naiinis ako.. naiinis ako sa sarili ko. hindi ko alam kung bakit. inaatake na naman ako nang pagiging bipolar.. naiinis ako.. suuper naiinis ako.

nung high school ako, hilig ko ang maglaslas EMO! seryoso! kaya lagi akong may cutter.. ngeong umaga, naiisip ko na naman un... mahina talaga ako sa coping mechanism.. naiinis ako sa sarili ko kasi ang hina hina ko, ang tanga tanga ko, wala akong kwentang tao, ako ung taong marami deperensya sa katawan, Baboy (literal! MATABA!) naiinis ako.. bakit ako ganito? sana ate, sinama mo na lang ako yan ung laging nasa isip ko nung grade 6 ako. tingnan nio.. depress talaga ako maliit pa lang ako.. suuper low self esteem ako ngayon. naiinis talaga ako. help me! kelangan ko ng tulong. ayoko dito sa bahay baka kung ano lang ang gawin ko. nakakahiya naman ung post ko. kung anu ano ang pinaglalagay ko. un lang. sorry sa walang kwentang post! TwT

February 8, 2009

Food Trip

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Paano ba ako magstart? hmm... May kaibigan ako ang pangalan ay Marijo Mae Cuevas. Kapag kasama ko sila ni Michael Shem Bermudez napapakain at napapagastos ako dahil pareparehas kaming matatakaw. haha. Anyways, matagal ko ng di nakakasama si Majo pag uwi. So, naglakad kami from MMC to SM Makati. Layo nu? gawain namen niyan actually ako lang haha.. kahit mag isa ginagawa ko yan. Tipid and pangpabawas din ng fats! harhar. anyway, tuwing naglalakad ako papuntang sm makati may nakikita akong bakery/coffee shop. suuuuuper ganda. Then naiisipan namen ni Majo na magtry dun. So aun. Kumain kami dun sa Mom and Tina's bakery sabi ni Majo "Tom and Tina's bakery" nyahaha xD. Anyway ang inoorder namen si Mango and Toblerone Walnut (as recommended by the waiter). Dapat ang bibilhin ko is the Mango Walnut pero kay majo bingay so sa aken ung toblerone. Ano masasabi ko? hmmm.. ung Mango gusto ko! as in! ung toblerone nakakaumay kainis! haha ang mahal pa! 85 pesos eh ung mango 80 pesos. haha tapos naubos na ni Majo ung Mango Walnut ako nasa kalahati pa nung Toblerone ko. Sabi ko kay Majo ubusin nia ung aken ayaw naman nia. Nung natapos na ako sa Toblerone ko. Naging tanga naman kami sa pagbayad ng bills haha. di namen alam kung paano. haha. nanunuod kami sa ibang customers then nagets namen paano magbayad haha xD
After namen magbayad. Nakita namen ni Majo ung Niro Pizza. Un ung gusto niyang kainan minsan. Dahil wala kaming magawa. Pumunta kami dun. Tapos ung napuntahan namen para lang sa Take out. So naglakad pa kami para puntahan ung ung main. At nag order. At ito pa, wala pa kami nagagawa para sa Ward paper na dahil kami ay busy lumalamon! haha Bumili kami nung bits chuchu.. basta ung pang solo na maliit na pizza. =3 At dahil naalala namen na may dapat kaming gawin. Kumain na lang kami habang naglalakad. At umuwi na haha xD
Babalik ulit ako dun sa Bakery na un! :D

Pictures can be seen @ multiply.

February 3, 2009

I wanna be..

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I just want to share the things I want to achieve. haha super dami nito. gusto ko kumuha ng Fine Arts, Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Mental Patient (wahaha joke lang), Mangaka, Singer, Seiyuu, Bassist, Chef, Waitress, Potter, Paleontologist, Pediatric Doctor, Fashion Designer, Ramp Model (in my dreams haha), Dancer, Ballerina, Martial Artist, Racer, Opera Singer, Psychiatric Nurse, Physical Therapist, Pilot, Soldier, Pianist, Agriculturist, Commercial Model, Painter, Archer, Web designer, Multilingual Person, Traveller, Author, Writer, Novelist (award winning! wahaha), Poet, Photographer, Lawyer, Geisha, Kisaeng, Japanese Folkdancer, Fortune Teller (hahaha), Vocalist ng isang band, Environmentalist, Neuro Nurse, Clinical Instructor (talaga lang ha??). Bartender, Sentai actress, Architect, Day Care Center Taker/Teacher (whatsoever), DSWD Member, Farmer, Blogger?, Botanist, Ghost Fighter, Sailormoon, Gundam Pilot haha xD wala na ko maisip.. ah basta marami pa yan.. haha xD.
and here's my ten ultimate dreams: (walang order or something hehe di pa ko decided sa magiging career ko in the future haha)
  • Doctor (Pathologist)
  • Archeologist
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Violinist in a known Orchestra (London Symphony Orchestra or Tokyo Metropolitan Orchestra haha.. kapal)
  • Interior Designer
  • Veterinarian
  • Tour Guide
  • Stewardess
  • Barista
  • Theater Actress.. nice!

or baka forever nurse na lang ako haha... ewan...
gusto ko rin maging ganito:
M.A. Empeo RN, MD, DPSP, MSN, MAN, PhD.. nice~ wahahaha xD basta

haaay ano kaya mangyayari sa future ko? hmm...
let's wait and see..

Ayaw ko maging Housewife lamang haha xD ung lang! yaw ko din maging old maid! wah!...

January 28, 2009

Wet Phone

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kagabi.. nagCr ako.. naghugas ng kamay.. at di akalain na nasa chest pocket ko pala ang pinakamamahal kong phone.. at ayun, nagdive ang phone ko sa balde.. nahulog at nabasa.. katangahan.. anyway, binuksan ko agad... tapos nakapagGM pa ako! o di ba? pero after ng GM namatay na lang bigla.. sabi ng daddy ko iblower ko daw para matuyo.. tapos ayun lalong hindi na nabuksan.. in short. nasira! haha nasira ung LCD nia.. haay.. aun, anyway helpful naman ang pagkasira ng phone ko kasi adik na ako kakatext eh trinatry ko mag abstinence haha.. kaya un,.. at dahil mahal ako ng daddy ko, (daddy's girl) pinaayos niya agad ang phone ko! at ayun.. ayos na! hehe
ayun lang,
wah! wala pa kaming title for our thesis! huhu goodluck sa amen! sa monday na pasahan ng chapter 1 - 3 ng thesis namen! hmmpf! =(

January 26, 2009

Grand Case Presentation

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January 23, 2009.. It was Friday, the most awaited time in grouptwoot's history. haha the Grand Case Presentation. We presentated the case of a school aged client with Herpetic Gingivostomatitis. Yeah, the kid has an inflamed gums and stomatitis.. haha (singaw in tagalog) which caused by a Herpes Simplex Virus type 1.. nosebleed? sorry... hehe.
Anyway, we presented the case by presenting the introduction in a fashion show, the client presentation in a music video, analysis and interpretation in a game show then will be explained by the people assigned to the nursing diagnosis (impaired oral mucous membrane related to injury to epithelial structure secondary to inflammation as evidence by presence of lesions in the lips, gums, buccal cavity and tongue.. that's mine, haba nu? haha) and the Summary of Findings and Conclusion and Recommendation was presented sort of Kuya Kim's style something like that.
1 hour namen prinesent ung grand case namen at masaya! hindi kagaya ng old boring style na gagamit lang ng powerpoint then babasahin mo with explanations.. maraming natuwa sa ginawa namen, kung ung gagawin namen is ung lumang style siguro tulog na mga classmates ko haha. The 1 hour presentation is finished after that we had a 30 minute break. Then, ito na ung pinakahinihintay naming lahat.. the 4 hours question and answer portion. super kinakabahan kami. lalo na ako kasi super low self esteem ako the past few days dahil sa VCO na yan! haha... anyway buti na lang di masyado natanong ung VCO kundi kawawa kami ni kyon! masaya kasi walang naitanong about sa Impaired Mucous Membrane harhar! lahat naman kami nakasagot. hehe...
We celebrated our Christmas and New Year by preparing and doing our grand case! wahaha.. astig! pero masaya kasi nakapunta ako sa iba't ibang bahay! haha... ano pa? aun lagi kaming umuuwi ng late.. hmm,.. pinakamaaga is 9pm pinakalate is 1am! o diba? hahaha
Anyway, bye bye sleepless night! atleast natapos ko na ung obstacle sa 3rd year.. next year naman! THESIS! I almost forgot, nakakuha kami ng grade of 90 =3 ok na rin. iba talaga pagdean's lister mga kagrupo mo wahaha!
hehe un lang! bye bye! =3
I almost forgot.. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! =3
Happy Chinese New Year!

January 24, 2009


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yeah! I'm back to the blogging world! teehee.. anyway transferred into a new home.. haha i mean blog host =3
it's been 4 years since I started blogging..
haha andami noh? anyway, last year nagpromise ako na hindi ko na iiwan ung lumang blog ko... atsaka hindi ako lilipat sa blogspot.. pero ito nasa blogger na ako haha.. puro spam na ang laman ng chatterbox ko sa luma kong blog kaya naisipan ko na lang lumipat at gumawa ng bagong blogsite. Ilang years din ako nagstay sa blogdrive, 3 years i think? hehe
anyway, I'm back! I miss my blogmates! Miss You Guys!
Mag uupdate na ko promise! haha =3

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