November 18, 2009

December 13, 1995.

posted by Aya Empeo at 10:04
I'm sad because I didn't saw the meteor shower because of it, it reminds me the most beautiful birthday present given by God to me.

Last December 13, 1995, when I just turned 6 years old God gave me a wonderful birthday gift. We were in SLEX that time going home from Enchanted Kingdom when we saw a METEOR SHOWER!! not just 2, not just 5 but more than 20 meteors fell down :) it was a nice experience and gift, I remebered I tried to ask one wish every meteor fell but I can't because it was too fast.

That meteor shower was the Geminid meteor shower where it peaks at December 13-14 every year so this year I want to witness again this wonderful magic given by God.


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