April 19, 2012

Another lesson learned.

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I remember a long time ago, I hated Julia Montes (was once known as Mara) when she was still a kid. Because i remember the time I had an acting workshop at ABSCBN, there was a time when I bonded with the original little going bulilits cast (they were bulilits that time) and there was this girl named Mara who looks like mataray and doesn't want to interact with us. I sort of hated her because of judging her. And then last time, Julia was guesting on a show and there I found out some things about her and why she acted like that.

Again lesson learned: Don't judge a book by its cover.

April 15, 2012

Pediatric Nurse

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Last April 12, 2012, the assigned unit were given to us. The first list was a list of nurses for the General Nursing Unit and I was so happy when I was not listed there.

I remember when they told us our final unit assignment, I was so happy that I was not assigned to the General Nursing Unit. And then my excitement sort of leveled up.. something like that. and told my self... "OH MY FCKING SHT, I will be aasign to the High Risk Unit... NEUROPSYCHIATRIC UNIT!!"

And then, the list for the high risk unit is next. Yes, I was assigned to the High Risk Unit but not as a Psyche Nurse but as a Pedia Nurse! Still, the floor assigned for me is also one of my favorite but.. I was expecting.. expecting that I will do NPIs, Restrainings, Theracom. Anyway, I love kids and I'm good on taking care of them. God has a good purpose for putting me there. i trust Him and I'll do my best, 100% EFFORT!!

April 6, 2012

2 months training

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I've been busy for two months, I was having a pre-employment training as a hospital nurse and I'm proud to say that I have finished the required training. And now, we are waiting for the call of the hospital and they will tell us when we will start as their staff nurse. I hope I will receive the call as soon as possible and be designated to my desire unit. I believe and trust in God. Please pray for me guys! :)
Our sort of Class Picture
I'm going to miss my batch mates, actually I miss them already. Hope to see them around the hospital.

April 2, 2012

Behind the suplada face is a friendly girl

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Lesson for today: That you can't judge anyone just by looking and observing them. You must know them well and socialize with them. God is good, He made my last challenge to myself super possible.

I told myself that I will know and be close with this certain batchmate and guess what? I did! At first I don't really like her because of her sarcastic actions (which is kinda normal to her) and later on that I found out behind those suplada face is a kind and friendly attitude.

And this made me realize that I should not judge a book by its cover.

February 26, 2012

Milk Tea

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The first Milk Tea I ever drank was from Gong Cha's and I don't hate it or like it. I never like milk teas because it's too mainstream and I like ice creams and yogurts than milk teas but something made me long for a milk tea.

It was a toxic duty day and the charged nurse is really addicted to Serenitea, specifically Winter melon. So they called and ordered at Serenitea in Rada St., Makati City and they have a minimum delivery ordered price something like that I think it's around 300php. Anyway, I was not really on duty on that station, the FRONT Station, I was in the other station which they call REAR. When I just passed by the station, my friend who's having her duty at the said station asked me... actually she forced me to order Serenitea's Okinawa and because of her great convincing power I said "Okay!". That's what we call... PEER PRESSURE!

Make the story short, I got addicted to Serenitea's Okinawa! Although I haven't finished the whole glass and gave it to Eirene. I love it and made me changed my thoughts about milk teas! And until now I'm longing for the taste of Serenitea's Okinawa. I hope I can have another milk tea from Serenitea! I'll try to visit Serenitea at Rada St. after duty :)


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