March 20, 2010

The return

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Hello people of earth, I'm back! It's been 3 months since my last entry. Last 3 months ago was one of the most busiest days of my entire college life!

I became the leader of our last duty (NeuroPsyche), became a member of Documentation and Evaluation for the College Week (and was the head for the hard copy), our super hard Nursing Audit, busy with my missing data for my PRC Completion, had a misunderstanding with a close friend and had a fight with my mom.

And I super thank God that I've surpassed this challenges!

And Yes, I'm graduating! YAY! After 4 years of sacrifice, I can't believe that I would finish this profession. I'm having separation anxiety because I loved this institution, my clinical instructors/professors, my schoolmates, my batchmates, my classmates and ofcourse, my groupmates. They've been part of my wonderful story. I need to accept the fact, that I need to say goodbye to them and also the fact that I need to be independent. I'll miss the days were I always ask my daddy for allowance haha.

College student no more, I'm already an unemployed individual! I will miss my Monday-Sunday classes. I realized how fun studying is.

I'm getting addicted to 4minute's What a girl wants.


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