January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution

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1. I'll stop teasing na. Hindi na ako mang aasar promise!
2. I'll lessen na ang simangot and try to smile often
3. Hindi na ko mangbabara out of nowhere.
4. Hindi na ako maninigaw.
5. I'll study harder though ok naman ung grades ko I'll study pa rin haha
6. I'll sleep earlier
7. I'll take care of my health
9. Be Optimistic
10. I'll respect my parents na talaga
11. Magluluto na talaga ako dito sa bahay.
12. Ipon Ipon!
13. No more Absent and LATE!! :)

To all the people I've hurt and hated me I'm so sorry
To all the people who became a part of my life Thank you so much!


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