April 19, 2012

Another lesson learned.

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I remember a long time ago, I hated Julia Montes (was once known as Mara) when she was still a kid. Because i remember the time I had an acting workshop at ABSCBN, there was a time when I bonded with the original little going bulilits cast (they were bulilits that time) and there was this girl named Mara who looks like mataray and doesn't want to interact with us. I sort of hated her because of judging her. And then last time, Julia was guesting on a show and there I found out some things about her and why she acted like that.

Again lesson learned: Don't judge a book by its cover.

April 15, 2012

Pediatric Nurse

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Last April 12, 2012, the assigned unit were given to us. The first list was a list of nurses for the General Nursing Unit and I was so happy when I was not listed there.

I remember when they told us our final unit assignment, I was so happy that I was not assigned to the General Nursing Unit. And then my excitement sort of leveled up.. something like that. and told my self... "OH MY FCKING SHT, I will be aasign to the High Risk Unit... NEUROPSYCHIATRIC UNIT!!"

And then, the list for the high risk unit is next. Yes, I was assigned to the High Risk Unit but not as a Psyche Nurse but as a Pedia Nurse! Still, the floor assigned for me is also one of my favorite but.. I was expecting.. expecting that I will do NPIs, Restrainings, Theracom. Anyway, I love kids and I'm good on taking care of them. God has a good purpose for putting me there. i trust Him and I'll do my best, 100% EFFORT!!

April 6, 2012

2 months training

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I've been busy for two months, I was having a pre-employment training as a hospital nurse and I'm proud to say that I have finished the required training. And now, we are waiting for the call of the hospital and they will tell us when we will start as their staff nurse. I hope I will receive the call as soon as possible and be designated to my desire unit. I believe and trust in God. Please pray for me guys! :)
Our sort of Class Picture
I'm going to miss my batch mates, actually I miss them already. Hope to see them around the hospital.

April 2, 2012

Behind the suplada face is a friendly girl

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Lesson for today: That you can't judge anyone just by looking and observing them. You must know them well and socialize with them. God is good, He made my last challenge to myself super possible.

I told myself that I will know and be close with this certain batchmate and guess what? I did! At first I don't really like her because of her sarcastic actions (which is kinda normal to her) and later on that I found out behind those suplada face is a kind and friendly attitude.

And this made me realize that I should not judge a book by its cover.

February 26, 2012

Milk Tea

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The first Milk Tea I ever drank was from Gong Cha's and I don't hate it or like it. I never like milk teas because it's too mainstream and I like ice creams and yogurts than milk teas but something made me long for a milk tea.

It was a toxic duty day and the charged nurse is really addicted to Serenitea, specifically Winter melon. So they called and ordered at Serenitea in Rada St., Makati City and they have a minimum delivery ordered price something like that I think it's around 300php. Anyway, I was not really on duty on that station, the FRONT Station, I was in the other station which they call REAR. When I just passed by the station, my friend who's having her duty at the said station asked me... actually she forced me to order Serenitea's Okinawa and because of her great convincing power I said "Okay!". That's what we call... PEER PRESSURE!

Make the story short, I got addicted to Serenitea's Okinawa! Although I haven't finished the whole glass and gave it to Eirene. I love it and made me changed my thoughts about milk teas! And until now I'm longing for the taste of Serenitea's Okinawa. I hope I can have another milk tea from Serenitea! I'll try to visit Serenitea at Rada St. after duty :)

February 19, 2012

I do believe every de los Santos is a blood type A

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I just found out that there's another de los Santos from RTRMS-MMC (MMC-CN) and I thought she's a blood type A but no, she's a blood type B. And now, I know na that not all de los Santos is a blood type A. And I also found out from my mother that Bernardino de los Santos, the first gobernadorcillo of Bacolod is our great xIdontknowthenumberoftimes grandfather. My mother is from Bacolod and I do believe that he is really my LOLO! :)

As of now, I met three de los Santos in my alma mater and one of them, I treat her like a real cousin and also as a best friend. That's all! Toodles!

February 13, 2012

New Obsession

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I was a hallyu addict when I was in grade six that was around 2001-2002, the period where SES, HOT, Baby Vox etc are still the popular kpop singers until Hallyu became TOO MAINSTREAM. I stopped watching korean dramas at around 2010 because I'm too busy preparing myself for the graduation and Local Nursing Board Exam.
Oh yes, this is all about City Hunter; this is my new obsession. I know I'm kinda late but it's better to be late than never!! I started to have interest with this Korean drama when I've watched the second episode of the drama (actually the second half of the 1st episode because the series is cut down into 30 minutes of running time) accidentally at ABSCBN after watching PBB. I was impressed with the cinematography of the series, no wonder they said that this is the most expensive Korean series. I haven't watched Lee Min Ho (Oh yes, I haven't watched Boys Over Flowers) except for I am Sam where he only has a minor role. Anyway, Lee Min Ho's acting skills are superb! I love him na. My brother are not really interested on any Korean drama except for this one. I haven't finished the series due to busy schedule but I'll try this weekend. That's all guys, I'll have my first duty later at 1400H until 2200H. Toodles and God bless to all of you!

February 12, 2012


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It's been how many days since my last post, I was too busy with my pre employment training in a world class hospital in Makati City, Philippines. Well, God bless to our batch and I hope we can surpass the training and be absorbed by the hospital as staff nurses :)

This post I'm going to make is about my old planners and of course my 2012 planner. I should have made this entry at around January and I know it's kinda too late but I will post it anyway.

As far as I remember, I started using a planner way back year 2000 and I was grade 4 that time, it was a Rugrats planner with a calculator; I bought it in a Christmas bazaar. My first four planners are gone and no where to be found. Anyway, here are my past planners

2003: I bought this Mashimaro Planner in a garage sale near our school.

I bought this planner in a Korean store

2005: From the Korean store again :P

2006: I was a big fan of Korean planners until that Korean store closed T.T

2007: Because my favorite store was closed, I tried Papelmerotti’s Monthly Planner.
2008-2009: My most precious/overused planner! It was a pocket size green planner from National bookstore. I used it for two years, I just bought a refill from the bookstore for 2009. I also bring this on my duties, inside my “Mahiwagang Bulsa”.

Some Nursing stuff!
Some drug studies.
Autograph by Jin Joson
2010: Planner from Sterling

2011: This journal will actually change your life

Overused planner!
Because of lack of space, I use posts its; if you see my past planners they are full of posts its :P.

For my 2012, I bought a Navi Planner because I love to travel and I think it suits me; as of now, I’m loving it. So here it is...


Goals for 2012

Things to do for 2012

Aya's rule for 2012

busy schedule for 2012!

These are my old planners and also my current planner, so there! That's all, have a wonderful day!

January 30, 2012

Early Morning Out of Boredom Shot

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It started with the spiderweb; I saw this spiderweb while I was watering the plants so I’ve thought that I should take a photo of the web before destroying it :P.

Here’s the spiderweb.

And then the flower follows haha! Obviously our beloved plants are my favorite subjects :D

It is nice to wake up in the morning seeing these wonderful creations of God. Have a nice day!

January 23, 2012


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Happy Lunar New Year guys! :)

A new thing for the Chinese New Year; I'm going to say good bye to my bangs. I've been wearing or having bangs for four years in a row and it's been my comfort zone so there I'm letting it go and moving on; like its a growing up thing. And it's because it's New Year, I should have a New hairstyle. Good bye Bangs!

Have a wonderful and happy new year :)

I want to eat some tikoy (Niángāo) please!


After 4 months not getting my certificate from my French lesson tadaa it's here na! I hope I can continue my study on French Language. :)Au revoir et bonne journée! :D

January 16, 2012

New Year Resolutions

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Because 2012 is here and one of my traditions is writing my resolutions for the new year. Although most of my resolutions are listed a long long ago because it was never been done or I've done it for a while and never continued. :P

New Resolutions:
  • Stop checking my social network accounts every hour and then.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Never think that you are alone.
  • Try to understand every people because we all have different personalities.
  • I promise to update this blog! PROMISE! CROSS MY HEART! :)


  • Sleep early
  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Stop excessive eating
  • Less chocolates
  • Never talk back to parents
  • Smile everyday!
  • I'll take care of my health
  • Be Punctual!!

Anyway that's all, it is almost 12 AM and I need to sleep because "sleeping early" is one of my new year's resolution haha LAH! Have a nice day people!

January 8, 2012


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I changed my tagboard from ShoutMix back to Cbox because ShoutMix is not accepting free chat box so here, I'm back to Cbox! :)

I'm going to post my New Year Resolutions for 2012 latuurr! Have a nice day!

January 3, 2012

Busy 2011

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It's been a while since my last post. I was a bit busy by the end of 2011, I got a part time job as a project nurse in a company; where we are distributed in companies to do some health projects like Audiometry, Pulmonary Function Test etc. Our first health project started last December 6, 2011 up to December 23, 2011 in a well known tobacco company in Marikina. Most of my duties are PM shift, had one AM shift and one 24 hour duty and this job is not like the usual 8hour duty but we have a 12 hour duty per day. I had a super hassle and tiring duty, actually not the duty itself but the commuting part. I live somewhere in the boundary of Paranaque and Pasay, and going to Marikina took me 4 hours due to traffic and also it took me 4 hours going home also due to traffic and long line in MRT Cubao. And yeah, my sleep is also 4 hours haha! To make the story short; even the commuting part is a bit hassle I enjoyed working on that company, we had a free meal and snacks and I also enjoyed the company of my new friends. I've learned lots of things from that duty and I also thank God, He gave me this opportunity and gave me a solution to have money before Christmas! Thank you, God.

I've been waiting for this!
I graduated at Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Memorial School-Makati Medical Center (known today as Makati Medical Center, College of Nursing) batch 2010. And as a graduate of this school we all I mean almost all of us dreamt to work in Makati Medical Center. I received a text from the Training department of MMC last December 6, 2011 (first day of my work as a project nurse) and the text contains a message telling me that I have an exam the next day, 9am! My work finish around 6AM and I need to be in the hospital before 9am. To make another story short, as usual I had a 3 hour ride going to Makati and came to the hospital at exact 9am and had my exam mostly of my answers are only guess haha! I've been bum for two years and I can't remember anything from the exam! And I finish the exam at around 11am and got home at around 12nn and woke up around 3pm to prepare for my next duty.

After two weeks since the exam, I was not expecting to receive a text from the Training Department. The training department texted me, telling that I need to call the hospital to know the schedule of my interview and I was scheduled on December 23, 2011, 9am; that's our last day in the tobacco company and I have a PM shift duty so I decided to have a 24 hour duty on December 21-22. Before December 23, Kate helped me to prepare for the interview, I studied the 12 competencies, made a script etc.

December 23, 2011; THE DAY! I'm in a corporate outfit and nervous. I saw a 4 batchmates, 1 from the higher batch and two outsiders (from CEU and Southville). All of us are nervous and praying that we have a nice line of panels. And then, I saw my former CI and guess what?!? She's one of the panels which gave me a good vibe because she's one of the best and "mabait" na CI's. Our interview went well, lots of laughs than tensions, not like the rumors I've heard from past interviews.

By the end of 2011, I realized that I received so much blessings from God. God gave so much because He wants me to teach me something as well of course to reward me. Because of this overwhelming gifts, He taught me how to prioritize, how to control, how to be patient and He taught me how to live in reality. Thank you Lord God for the blessings and lessons.

Anyway guys, I haven't greeted you so here; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a blessed 2012!

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