January 3, 2012

Busy 2011

posted by Aya Empeo at 09:50

It's been a while since my last post. I was a bit busy by the end of 2011, I got a part time job as a project nurse in a company; where we are distributed in companies to do some health projects like Audiometry, Pulmonary Function Test etc. Our first health project started last December 6, 2011 up to December 23, 2011 in a well known tobacco company in Marikina. Most of my duties are PM shift, had one AM shift and one 24 hour duty and this job is not like the usual 8hour duty but we have a 12 hour duty per day. I had a super hassle and tiring duty, actually not the duty itself but the commuting part. I live somewhere in the boundary of Paranaque and Pasay, and going to Marikina took me 4 hours due to traffic and also it took me 4 hours going home also due to traffic and long line in MRT Cubao. And yeah, my sleep is also 4 hours haha! To make the story short; even the commuting part is a bit hassle I enjoyed working on that company, we had a free meal and snacks and I also enjoyed the company of my new friends. I've learned lots of things from that duty and I also thank God, He gave me this opportunity and gave me a solution to have money before Christmas! Thank you, God.

I've been waiting for this!
I graduated at Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Memorial School-Makati Medical Center (known today as Makati Medical Center, College of Nursing) batch 2010. And as a graduate of this school we all I mean almost all of us dreamt to work in Makati Medical Center. I received a text from the Training department of MMC last December 6, 2011 (first day of my work as a project nurse) and the text contains a message telling me that I have an exam the next day, 9am! My work finish around 6AM and I need to be in the hospital before 9am. To make another story short, as usual I had a 3 hour ride going to Makati and came to the hospital at exact 9am and had my exam mostly of my answers are only guess haha! I've been bum for two years and I can't remember anything from the exam! And I finish the exam at around 11am and got home at around 12nn and woke up around 3pm to prepare for my next duty.

After two weeks since the exam, I was not expecting to receive a text from the Training Department. The training department texted me, telling that I need to call the hospital to know the schedule of my interview and I was scheduled on December 23, 2011, 9am; that's our last day in the tobacco company and I have a PM shift duty so I decided to have a 24 hour duty on December 21-22. Before December 23, Kate helped me to prepare for the interview, I studied the 12 competencies, made a script etc.

December 23, 2011; THE DAY! I'm in a corporate outfit and nervous. I saw a 4 batchmates, 1 from the higher batch and two outsiders (from CEU and Southville). All of us are nervous and praying that we have a nice line of panels. And then, I saw my former CI and guess what?!? She's one of the panels which gave me a good vibe because she's one of the best and "mabait" na CI's. Our interview went well, lots of laughs than tensions, not like the rumors I've heard from past interviews.

By the end of 2011, I realized that I received so much blessings from God. God gave so much because He wants me to teach me something as well of course to reward me. Because of this overwhelming gifts, He taught me how to prioritize, how to control, how to be patient and He taught me how to live in reality. Thank you Lord God for the blessings and lessons.

Anyway guys, I haven't greeted you so here; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a blessed 2012!


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