November 27, 2011

Seven things about me.

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So here I am, sitting in front of our computer, analyzing what to put on my blog while MTV's playing some random kpop songs. I hope blogspot will have an application for Apple gadgets so that I can blog random things that comes out of my mind without going downstairs to open the pc.

Anyway, Jen tagged me on one of her posts. Thanks for tagging!

I am the..


1. You need to thank the person who gave you award and please do link back.
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So here are the SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME:

  1. I love sports. I am a sport-minded girl. My Saturdays are my football and basketball day and Sundays are my formula one day. I also watch some Rugby games, billiards, gymnastics, figure skating and many more.

  2. I have 2 brothers (legitimate), I am the eldest. I do have an elder sister (deceased), 2 older brothers (orphans) but didn't grew up with us.

  3. I love traveling. I love wasting my money on traveling. I love going out, I hate staying inside our house.

  4. My face doesn't suit my age. I look waaaaaay younger than my age, seven years younger as others says. Even the guards at the Casino and the bouncers in bars. I have a Baby face which they said it is a compliment that has its own disadvantage.

  5. I have 3 birthmarks, a huge white birthmark on my right leg, a white birthmark on my back and a pinkish birthmark at the left corner of my lower lip which sometimes mistaken as a lipstick or a wound.

  6. I love cars, I'm in love with cars since I was a toddler. I even named my gadgets after the cars' brand names like my DSLR, I named it Corvette from Chevrolet Corvette.

  7. I don't stay that much in front of the computer except when I need to do some post photo processing or any photography related stuff.

I'm sharing this award to: -Xian -Bino -Candice Natalie -Roselyn -Cez -Chi -Eryn -Joan -Kimmy -Llyngee -Luki -Mia -Patricia Maurie -Rainy Martini - Vin

November 11, 2011

Yeung Chow Fried Rice/Les fleurs en gorgé de soleil.

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I'm the girl who hates to cook but love to eat. There are only two reasons why I hate cooking. First, I need to wash and clean all the equipments I have used and second, I'm too lazy to cook. Anyway, last month I was watching Janice de Belen's cooking show, Spoon and they are cooking by that time was our family favorite, Yeung Chow Fried Rice. In that show, they demonstrated the best way to cook the rice. And then, I got interested and then started cooking. Anyway, I cooked a Yang Chow Fried Rice for our breakfast, you need patience and hard work cooking this rice. Fortunately, it was a success! YAY!
A sample shot of my very own Yeung Chow Fried Rice

I just want to share to you, that I am a messy cook haha! But after cooking, I need to clean the stove and also the materials and equipments I've used that's what I have learned from the Disney movie, Ratatouille.

Colette: [Linguini is making a mess at the kitchen]
What is this? Keep... your... station clear!
My parents love my Yeung Chow Rice! I also used Crab sticks rather than shrimps because that's the only available ingredient on our fridge haha! xP

Les fleurs en gorgé de soleil.
Early morning boredom. I saw my father watering our plants and then out of boredom I took some photos of our plants. Here are some sample photos.

I need your comments, suggestions and violent reactions.

November 8, 2011


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This is what I do when I am bored.

November 6, 2011

Blackout/A day with Dr. Jau Fei Chen

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Okay, I've been staring at our PC for 2 hours and thinking what should I put on my blog. I still have no idea what should I put on my new entry. Anyway, it is already November 6, 2011, time goes fly so fast, it's already November and I still don't have a permanent job. I trust God and believe in him that he will give me a nice and wonderful job in a right time. Lets start our November with smile and positive vibes! Have a wonderful November!!

Anyway, I'm having a problem on my blogroll. I'm planning to change my blogroll's look because it looked booring haha! Can anyone help me on this problem of mine? haha

A Day with Dr. Jau Fei Chen
November 5, 2011

Last Saturday, Dr. Jau Fei Chen had a seminar here in the Philippines. I oh I mean, we were so amazed with her intelligence and being a life advocate.

with the President of our former school, Makati Medical Center-College of Nursing, President Eden Cacanindin (the one in yellow).
The N.I. girls. (L-R) Dana Fuerte, Me and Kitkit Delos Reyes
Our healthy lunch from Via Mare.
I've got this from the raffle of Elemente, it's a lip balm!

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