December 24, 2010


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Wow it's Christmas d�j�! Je vous souhaite profiter et c�l�br� avec plein de LOVE! Joyeux No�l � vous tous et vos familles. Mai God Bless You All! Love you all guys. :)

Wow it's Christmas already! Wish you enjoy and celebrated it with full of LOVE! Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. May God Bless You ALL! Love you all guys. :)


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I hate violence. I super uber mega hate violence because it can make anything worse. I rather be emotionally and mentally abused rather than physically. I hate violence because it reminds me how my father beats us, it was too harsh and not right and thankfully he changed. I'm only a human who also has a traumatic experience so anyone who beats or did something violent on me, all the violent and bad things had happened in the past, flashbacks and that's when I start to breakdown. FYI, I'm the person who hates to cry. And I guess, this is one of the reason why I wanted to be a Psychiatric Nurse/Psychiatrist/Neurologist and I really wanted to be assigned in the ward where the serial killers and lots of violent people came from, I want to know them better and the reason why are they are liked that. But I need to work for myself, to be strong so that I won't breakdown if ever anything happens, I need self awareness!!

For me, the best thing to give for a person who made you bad is Kindness. Why? Like I said violence makes everything worse so why not end it with kindness so everyhting would stop. And I think that showing kindness is a sign of strength which violence is a sign of weakness, it needs a lot of courage to show kindness and that's why they do violent acts to cover their weakness and fears. Like the Lebanese-American poet, Kahlil Gibran said ""Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair but manifestations of strength and resolution." Forgive and be kind to others and I promise you you're life will be full of happiness and it will eventually make you more positive.

Anyway, a little rant that I need to release on my system.

OFF TOPIC: I need my google chrome back because IE sucks! haha

December 17, 2010

December 13, 2010

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I'm now 21 and still on denial. Anyway, I thank God for everything; the blessings, the lessons, the trial, my life, my family, my friends and to my beloved love. This year He gave me lots of blessings. I graduated from Bachelor of Science in Nursing, passed the Nursing Licensure Exam and gave me someone who will love me for who I am. And now, I'll do my best to be a good person and a good medicine student and someday to be a good doctor.

December 13, 2010

NMAT and Pre Birthday Celebration

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Just took the National Medicine Admission Test yesterday (December 12, 2010) at the De La Salle University. My testing room was assigned at the St. La Salle Building same with Nachee and Majo. Majo and I have the same testing room and guess what we we're sitting next to each other even though it was alphabetically arranged. And yeah, we are 3 RTR students in the same room, the other one is a lower batch and he still recognized us and at first I thought we were 4 RTR students and unfortunately the girl who's sitting behind me was not a RTR student and I was embarassed to ask her directly about our C.I. without asking if she's from our school haha but well, we got close to her. I think that we are 5 RTR students inside the Building, the other one was an alumni.

The first practical test was easy I mean I can still handle the exam but the pressure was too much. I was still at the half of Test D when the proctor announced that there are only 10 minutes left. I was doing my best to read and answer fast and luckily I've answered all the questions.

At lunch time, we stayed at Mcdo and ate our baons there while waiting for Nachee.

The second practical test was really hard and because it was really hard you can finish it ahead of time due to guessing haha. I hate Physics, I do not hate Chemistry but I can't remember all the things I've learned from High school and 1st and 2nd year college. I've finished the set ahead of time and didn't used the scratch paper given to me haha

After NMAT, I had a Last Day Celebration as a 20 year old lady at the Yellow cab with Majo, Nachee, Alex, Kym and Enski. Enski lives near Vito Cruz so I let her join in our mini celebration. I enjoyed this tiring day. Well, I super thank God for guiding me and giving me more time to celebrate. Thank you so much!

Well, to all NMAT takers. Good luck to us and I hope we will get the grades that we needed. God bless us all :D

December 11, 2010


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Tomorrow, I'll be having my exam for NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). Yes, I'm planning to take Medicine by next year. Please pray for us!

And also tomorrow, it would be my last day being 20 years old because on the 13th would be my 21st birthday! I'm going to enjoy my day tomorrow as a young 20 year old girl :D

I dreamt about my boyfriend, that I sort of cheating at him and still choose him. Sort of like that haha but in reality he's the only one ok? :D

To all NMAT takers, GOOD LUCK!

December 7, 2010

December 5, 2010 -Manila Tour

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Me, Majo and Riqi, planned to have a mini tour in the capital of Philippines which is Manila. We planned to ride a ferryboat from Guadalupe, Makati to Intramuros and unfortunately it's Sunday and there are no schedule rides for SUNDAY! So we rode a jeepney from Guadalupe to Taft (Herran) and then rode another jeep going to Rizal Park.

1st destination: Luneta Park or also known as Rizal Park.
Rizal Park is one of the historical place in Manila, this was the place were our national hero, Jose Rizal, was killed. It was formerly known as Bagumbayan. Things you can do are visiting Jose Rizal's Monument, have a picnic, walk around, ride a Calesa (Carriage) and also ride the sort of bus thing (I'm so sorry IDK what you call that) that goes around the park. You can also visit some parks there like the Chinese Park, Japanese Park and many more.

2nd Destination: Intramuros and Fort Santiago
Intramuros is located near Rizal Park, it's a few walks away unfortunately we rode a jeepney and cost 7pesos and had to walk from the City hall to the entrance of the Intramuros. Going to Fort Santiago is a long walk from the entrance of Intramuros (near Lyceum) and yes, we did walk.

A must see places in Intramuros are:
* Casa de Manila
* San Agustin Church
* Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception or famously known as Manila Cathedral

A trivia about San Agustin. Did you know that the remains of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, Juan de Salcedo and Martin de Goiti and some Spanish Governor-General and Archibishops are buried near the tabernacle. And also the painter, Juan Luna and stateman Pedro Paterno, their bodies also lays in the Church.

Manila Cathedral is also a resting place former prelates who have served the Archdiocese of Manila (like the Vatican in Rome for Popes).

Fort Santiago, is a fortress within Intramuros. It is located near the Manila Cathedral. The time we came there were lots of Virgin Mary Images parked because there would be an event at 1600H at the Manila Cathedral. At the Fort proper, you will see the foot steps of Dr. Jose Rizal. You'll also see the replica of Rizal's prison. You should visit the Rizal Shrine where you can see the collections of photos and poems of the national hero. At the far part of Fort Santiago, you'll se the dungeons used by the Japanese conquerors to kill the Filipino soldiers and also a cross for the memoriam of the Filipinos killed.

3rd Destination: Binondo and Manila China Town
From Intramuros we rode a jeepney from Intramuros and rode another jeep going to Binondo. We were dropped in front of Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz. We visited the well known Binondo Church and stroll around Binondo to find a Chinese restaurant for lunch. And we decided to eat at Tasty Wok in the Manila China Town.

I had Sweet and Sour Fish and a dessert of Black Gulaman. And also don't forget to buy Hopia and Mooncakes at Eng Bee Tin, the color purple Hopia Store!

4th and last destination: Divisoria
Binondo is near Divisoria, just a few walks away. Divisoria is the place where you'll find cheap things. We went to 168 mall and the new mall, 999 mall. A little warning about your things, there a lots of snatchers, so be careful.

December 6, 2010


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I'm back! And I'll do my best to update my blog. Anyway, I have changed the layout of this blog, it's just a temporary layout and after taking NMAT I'll make a layout for this. I'm so happy that I'm back YAY!


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Another house arrest for next.. I mean this week until December 12, I need to focus for the upcoming exam and also to save money for the upcoming Christmas :D Well, I'm going to bond with the hand outs, pencil, papers, the chairs, table and the house again.

December 5, 2010

Day Thirty (Last Challenge): Take a photo of yourself right now and post it,or post the most recent picture you can find

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I'm so sorry for the photo, I just woke up from an awful nightmare about zombies and everything and I'm a bit sick so there. This is would be my last challenge so there! :D

December 4, 2010

Day 29: Your opinions on the television show, GLEE

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Superb, great and entertaining! I love it!

December 3, 2010

Day 28: Your First Celebrity Crush

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Macaulay Culkin :D It's given, he's popular when I was a kid :)

NOSTALGIA: Children of the 90's.

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Due to a charity event on facebook against child abuse. Every person change their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon character when they were little. And because of this little event lots of facebook users reminisced their childhood. And of course almost of my friends are "The Children of the 90's".

When I was a kid I love watching Animes/Cartoons, nothing can beat those old sentais, the first ever Power Ranger, Sesame Street, old cartoons from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I miss my childhood and while reminiscing these things, and there I realized that I'm really getting old haha and connection to this 10 days to go I'll be turning 21!

Nothing beats the 90's! It's the best decade ever :D

And yeah, still listening to Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman's OP Theme song over and over again :D

December 2, 2010

Day Twenty Seven: List your three favorite girls names, three favorite boys name, and your three favorite names for a pet.

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My Three Favorite Girls Name would be:
Aerith -which came from Aerith(Aeris) of FFVII
Dianne - I really don't know why? but I love this name.
Beatrix - Another Final Fantasy inspired name from FFIX

My Three Favorite Guy Names would be:
Axle - I just love the name because it's kinda cute
Van - Those three lovely letter name came from Van of Escaflowne :D

MY Three Favorite Names for a Pet would be:
Mimi, Mio and Momo. I love letter "M"s

December 1, 2010

Day Twenty Six: Name one place you would love to visit one day

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This is too hard, I have lots of places I would love to visit in my list. So I think I'll pick Japan, I've been saving for a trip to Japan. :D

Day Twenty-five: Tell us about the last book you've read (for leisure or for school)

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BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK!! Ahaha :) that's for school and for leisure is Louisa May Alcott's Little Men and I also read Our Daily Bread and the Bible every morning :D

November 29, 2010

Day Twenty Four: Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres

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The last movie I've watched was RED, it was a action-comedy movie. A stress reliever movie which doesn't really have any sense, I just love the movie because it's fun to watch, lots of comedy and laughs.

Day Twenty-three: Tell us about Lady Gaga

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I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga when she was getting started, you know the Pokerface era, but it started with Bad Romance when her image sort of change and little by little hating her but still I listened to her songs because it's too catchy except for Alejandro.

November 28, 2010

Day Twenty Two: Do you play a sport? Tell us about it. If not, talk about a different hobby you may have.

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Sports? Currently, I don’t have any sports. So about my different hobby, I don’t know, I love to sleep and sometimes I do photography as a hobby :D

November 27, 2010

la jeune fille tressée

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Had a photo shoot with my Mommy Trish :D Here's some photos from the shoot. Just a few I'm too lazy to edit those photos haha

November 26, 2010

Day Twenty one: Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?

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Yes I do wear a eyeglasses it's for my astigmatism and myopia :D

Day Twenty: Favorite subject to study?

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When I was in my elementary days, I love math and history. When I was in High school, I love Science (except for Physics), History and a little of Math. And when I was in College, I love the portion of NCM that discusses about Mental Health and Pediatrics and I also love Philippine History, World Literature and Asian Civilization :D For me, liking and being serious on a subject depends on the professor/teacher who's teaching (I mean how the way he/she teach the subject is another plus point) and how interesting the subject is, well except for History, I love History ever since!

November 24, 2010

Day Nineteen: The initial of your crush(es)

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Day Eighteen: Do you drink soda more often than milk?

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Nope, because soda is prohibited and bad for my health. And my body needs milk and Calcium because my bones are a bit weak.

November 23, 2010

Day Seventeen: Your thoughts on Ugg Boots

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They are cute but I haven'y wore any. They are not really applicable for this country :)

November 22, 2010


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Free at last! That's all. *bow* :D Fun Shoot later at General Trias, Cavite. Larga agad after lumaya haha :))

November 21, 2010

Day Sixteen: Your favorite Disney Princess movie

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That would be Cinderella :D

Day Fifteen: Tell us your favorite junk food

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Hmm.. My favorite junk food would be Doritos but I'm limiting myself on this junk foods because I was prohibited by the physician due to my sickness on my urinary tract and stomach :(


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I wanted to fix this blog but I'm to lazy and I'm not in the mood :( Haaay...

November 20, 2010

One Day More

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One day more! Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary; These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time. One day more!.. just kidding. YAY! One day more and I'll have at last my freedom!! I haven't noticed that it is nearly over but I enjoyed being grounded for one week, I've save money and it made me study because of boredom.

Speaking of One Day More, I'm getting addicted to this song, One day more by the Les Miserables Original London Casts. I should have watch The 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables but I don't have enough money for a plane ticket to London. Anyway, I'll buy a dvd of it.

Day Fourteen: Do you have a siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what's it's like to be an only child

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I actually have 5 siblings, literally, it's sort of a complicated one. My older sister died (my father's daughter from his first wife), I have two adopted older brother but never saw them really because there were somewhere I don't know but still I considered them as my brothers, I hope I can meet them someday. And then I was born, and then two little monsters (brothers) were followed. So I'll write things about my little brothers.

The one who followed me is Ramon. He was nicknamed Butchokoy when we were young but later became Toking due to my "bulol" speech when I was little. He's the most snobbish person I've met, he's has the same name as my father and they also have the same personality. They love to make pranks and snobbish with the people they don't know. He's also has the most weakest immune system and accidental prone. I think he was born to stay at MMC haha when he was still in High School he always stay at the hospital every year.

My youngest brother, Monico, he was nicknamed Mico but later became Nico but I call him Mamoy (Monico + Baboy). He's a super huge fat guy and loves to eat HOTDOGS! Every new people we met always mistaken Monico as the eldest of the three of us, and he is happy about that. A little trivia about him, when my mother is pregnant and having an ultrasound, the doctors find out that the baby my mother carrying is a girl and my mother planned to name "HER", Monica, and then August 6 came and "SHE" was born and it turns out SHE's a HE.

Both of my brothers are closed to me but both of them told me that they sort of hate each other. I both love them and I'm so lucky to have brothers like them. People are envious of our relationship with each other, we protect each other from harm (especially from our parents) and love each other. They were the most sweetest brothers I've seen although sometimes they cause pain still I'm thankful to have them.

November 19, 2010

Day Thirteen: Your thoughts or opinion about Mean Girls

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Lindsay Lohan? My only opinion that the movie shows that bullying and violence is really rampant in US High school students and the movie tries to let the watchers see that everyone can be friends anyone sort of like that.

November 17, 2010

Day Twelve: Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter

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Harry Potter, the character itself? Or the book? Or the movie?
Anyway, Harry Potter is a poor lad who grew up with his meanie relatives. I pity him for having an extended family like them. Well isn't nice that he met the Weasleys, Hermione and the rest of the Hogwarts' family. About the book, I've only read 2 or 3 books of Harry Potter. Reading Harry Potter will make your imaginations go gaga and it would be nice to dream that your a wizard and sort of like that. Let me say that J.K. Rowling is a superb writer (and now a millionaire, thanks to Harry Potter haha). About the movie, the cast are superb, the effects and the movie itself is a superb. I still love Harry Potter over the Twilight Saga and I'll choose Rupert Grint over Rob Pattinson. In short, I love Harry Potter, it's been a part of us, of my childhood life. I watched every movie and followed how Harry Potter and the gang grew up (and also the casts). And I will not miss the last two movie for the world.

Study?? haha

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Believe it or not, I'm really busy studying :D I love answering those practice test in the middle of the night because everyone is asleep and the only thing I can hear is Michael Bubl�'s wonderful voice :D It took me three hours of studying. Anyway, I'll study later at midnight again :D

Day Eleven: Your top three favorite bands.

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My top three favorite bands are

My Chemical Romance, Larc en ciel and The Script

November 16, 2010

Day Ten: Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

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I have a pet dog named Mimiko (nicknamed Mimi), she's a half Japanese Spitz-half Shih tzu. She's a graduation gift from my father and a family friend. I received her exactly an hour before I left house. She's a spoiled brat dog, she loves to stay in front of the air condition to sleep. What I like about my little Mimi is that every time you came home, she's always going gaga and jumping like crazy which shows that she really missed you so much. Although, sometimes she's a little annoying dog I still love her and can't really harm her not like my brothers.

We also have a pair of love birds, I named them Morgan and Hunter, from Cate Tiernan's Sweep. It was a gift from my Daddy's friend, he just came home from a middle of the night with two little love birds. These birds serve us as our alarm clock haha they chirp exactly at around 5am and sleep early at 9pm!!


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Honestly I'm not familiar with memes haha anyway, I love this meme so here :D

November 14, 2010

Day Eight: Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.

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If you ask me, I'm both a fitness guru and a couch potato. I love to sleep, eat and watch or do some sedentary activities the whole day but I never end my day without exercise. I do start with warm up exercise such as stretching and then I proceed with the exercise for arm toning that I've learned at the gym and then crunches for my hateful FLABS and then leg stretching to tone my legs and then lots lots of stretching again. And then once or twice a week, I jog with my jogging buddy at Bonifacio High Street.

Day Seven: How you came across tumblr, and how your life changed since joining.

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I've discovered Tumblr thru Tricia Gosingtian, saw her tweets about her posts on tumblr so I was a bit curious and tried Tumblr.That time there was still tumblarity and I'll never forget that thru tumblr many were save and helped when Ondoy devastated our country and it made me more proud being a Filipina and it also helped me to be a generous and helpful Filipino.

November 12, 2010

Day Six: Your favorite season, and why?

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My favorite season would be Autumn because I really don't know.. its just, because of its monotone color which makes it really beautiful. Unfortunately, Philippines has only two season which is Rainy and Sunny and if you ask me what's my favorite season here, that would be both.

Day Five: Tell us your three favorite colors.

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My first three favorite colors are (in order) 1. Black, 2. Green and 3. Purple

November 11, 2010

Day Four: Write about your closest friend(s)

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How to start? Hmmm...

Hmmm... I have lots of close friends, my eating buddy friends, my gala friends, my groupmates, my cosplay family, my jogging buddy and many more but all of them treated me as their sibling not just only a friend but also as a family. I won't make any descriptions about them because there were lots of them. Anyway, I'll write a list of their names and a little description about them.

Clarins "Mox" Torrontegui, She's my longtime childhood best friend and acts as my older sister.
Kimberly "Kim" Delos Reyes, a HS barkada who will entertain and never make you bored when you're with her.
Eliza "Laiza" Toribio, a newly found friend who's ready to listen on my rants.
Jan Nicole "Jannic" Delicana, my long long lost and found cousin and slash best friend, who loves to give you a good advice.
Joel Bernados, One of the closest guy friends I had, he's my love adviser :D
Marijo Mae "Majo" Cuevas, My jogging and as well my eating buddy, there were things that we love to do and that is eating and shopping and yeah we love to waste money haha
Marianne Jessica "Riqi" Enriquez, also my eating buddy, who helps me when I don't understand some our lessons when we were in college and also loves, really do love, to listen on my problems/chismis haha.
Michael Shem "Kyon" Bermudez, He was my kuya, always ready and made me smile when I'm down and tried his best to help me on my problems.
Charmaine "Charm" Gauiran, just got close to her when we were in 4th year because I was too intimidated with her, I love how she attentively listens on my rants and how she reacts and gives advice on my problems.
Katherine "Bossing Kate" Guilaran, our bossing who also acts as my older sister and always reminds me what should I do or what good should I do.
Niegel Ann "Nieg" Teodoro, one of my closest friend at our class outside my group. She never leave you behind and ready to be with you if you need her.
Naddine Alelih "Dindin" Sarto, she's a friend who'll stay up late from 10pm until 8am just to have time with you or listen with your problem and will do her best to help you.
Jezza Marie "Jeng" Santos, Dindin's bestfriend, who loves to eat Green Mango like me haha If you have a problem she's ready to sing with you at the karaoke at Timezone.
Alexander "Lex" Rivera, he's one of my closest guy friends but due to some misunderstanding our super closeness lessen but now we're catching up on each other. He's also a brother to me where he attentively listens on my problems even it's already 5am.
Santino "Tino" Dumlao, he's the most meanie close guy I ever had, he acts as my bully older brother but never fail to make me happy and also cry.
Rennor "Enski" Orilla, a recently added close friend, my little sister. Too bad our mode communication (Vios -My Samsung Star/Sun Sim) was broken but we do try to update each other thru facebook.
Ramon "Momoy" Empeo II and Monico "Mamoy" Empeo, are my little brothers who always protect me from harm and who knew me from the start.
Ronald Redentor "Red" De Veyra, my beloved Berserker, my boyfriend, one of the reason to make my life complete *chesesy*. Anyways, he's always ready to listen if I have a problem (especially about my parents) and tries his best to give me a good advice.
Ramon "Ramie" Empeo, Son Goku, who always shouts and yell at home but never ever fail to make us smile (by giving us money hahaha j/k).

November 10, 2010

Life…Beautiful life..

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I've just watched TvN's Bad Girl's Diary's last episode and it made me teary eye. It's my favorite show and I've always love that show. It was the so-called korean version of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Simple Life. It's a reality show about the two bad girls, Amy and Bonnie's life. I'm gonna miss this show ;(
That's Amy, she my favorite. I love how she act, her fashion and I sort of envy her beauty. She's a strong willed lady but has a soft heart inside.
And that's Bonnie, the girl who speak some English words. When I first watched this show, Bonnie was my favorite but at the latter part it became Amy. I can see myself on Bonnie, a kid at heart with a super soft and kind heart and I think Bonnie and I have the same personality and yes, I'am a scaredy cat :(

Like I said, I'm gonna miss this show :( I've learned lots of things from this wonderful show. And I'm having LSS, Bad Girl's Diaries theme song, been playing all over again on my head. Life…Beautiful life.. :D

Day 3: Your favorite television program

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As of now, I'm currently watching GLEE season 2 and ANTM cycle 15. For tagalog teleserye, I love watching Kristine and for Korean Weekly program would be TvN's reality show, Bad Girl's Diary, I love that show so much :D

November 9, 2010

Day Two: Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

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I don't have any tattoos but I have a piercing just the normal one piercing per ear which I have since I was an infant but the thrill about my piercing is that my right piercing closes immediately when I didn't put any earrings on it for two to three days and the bad news is that I'm tooooooo lazy to put earrings hahaha and I had an experience that an earring has stuck for 1 week because a blood clot was formed so my mommy used a Lineman's pliers to removed the earrings :D

November 8, 2010


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My middle name is De los Santos. I have 2 schoolmates who has the same middle name as me, Jan Nicole De los Santos Delicana and Victorio De los Santos Guzman but we’re not really related to each other but I’ve always think that Jannic is a nth generation cousin or something like that. Anyways, My mommy said that we were Epifanio de los Santos’ great great great grandchildren, IDK if its true but my lolo really look like EDS, yeah the initials of the guy where the name EDSA came from, so I guess he’s our ancestor.

October 18, 2010

Names that I miss

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Saw an old entry from my old blog about my names and nicknames and their meaning So here I'm going to write the names I miss being called and the people who called me by these names.

Arirang - called by NG Troopers (My HS friends

Yen - IRC Chatmates

Nuriko - J-anne Fuentes

!Mei Mei - IRC xp


Mara - Shiela Rondina

Yukinohime or Yuki-chan -forum mates or people I met online :D

Aya-dono - Joel Bernados :)

Cox - Clarins Torrontegu

iGreat Mom - Group Twoot

Aya-chan - Shem Bermudez, Torio Guzman, Alot Aludo, Cez Cuerdo, Charm Gauiran and Franz Galang

Empyot - Jannic Delicana

Impyo - Reynalyn Nodora and Tim Lazo

Arapot - longtime neighbors

Ayaness -Marijo Cuevas

Ayanessan -The two japanese kids I babysit, Youji and Misa.

Papaya - Joan Otarra aka Banana

Ayapot -Ate Ren (Grace Dela Cruz) and Niegel Teodoro

Princesa, Senorita, Donya Ara -My father and my yaya

Aya-kun -Franz Galang

MAE - a staff nurse from MMC

Japan Japan - Nachee Patricio

Ra -MommyRara -Inna Del Castillo

Itoko -Jannic Delicana

Aia-chan -Alex Rivera

Haruhi -Shem Bermudez aka Kyon xp

Aya-shan -Isabel

-Naddine Sarto

Baya, Haya, Kaya, Bochok, Bubuchacha, Chachachan... -Marijo Mae Cuevas

Yaya -Cavinti Kids

Imouta-chan -Tino Dumlao

October 12, 2010

October 11, 2010

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What's with Ocober 11? Madami dami din nangyari sa aken kahapon haha.

* Got depressed early in the morning because of some friends.
* Heart to heart chat with Kuya Tino
* Heart to heart private message with Jezza
* Witnessed a raid in front of PRC. Bakit ngayon lang sila kumilos kung kailan tapos na kami magboards? Nabiktima tuloy kami ng fake metered stamps haha
* Naghanap for 1 hour ng pics ko nung oath taking. Ang dami kong nakitang photos ng schoolmates ko pero ung aking after 1 hour ko pa nakita and kulang pa ng 2! Naiinis ako pero yaw ko na lang ipakita ung inis ko kasi naawa din ako kanila ate :)
* Sunog sa Pasay Rotonda
* Had an accident sa EDSA. Pagkahawak ko humarurot ang jeep and then ayun nagkamali ako ng apak at nahila ng jeep buti na lang naisipan niyang tumigil. Ayan may wound tuloy ako although maliit na cut lang malakas naman magbleed :(
* Nagjog mag isa for the first time sa High Street
* Nag aggravate ung bleeding kasi hindi ako nagrest HAHA
* Shopping at Market Market
* Nakakita ng half the original price na Chicken Soup for the Soul :D
* Profused Bleeding pa rin :( poor leg
* Portugese-Greek Wall to Wall exchange with Clarins
* Talked with Alex and successfully removed Ilya on the script.
* Heart to Heart talk with Clarins on the phone
* Got depressed as I sleep.

Lesson learned.
Kahit napakanegative ng day ko yesterday meron pa rin blessings na binigay si God sa akin. I should count those blessings and accept those negative things as challenges and lessons that will eventually help me to be a strong woman :D Love you God!

P.S. super bangag ako yesterday kahit anung gawin ko na pag alert sa sarili ko nagiging tulala pa rin ako haha

September 21, 2010

Oath Taking Ceremony

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Things I love this day:
*I had fun with my seatmates
*Photobombing with the vain RNs.
*Happy for Charm and Pangga
*Picture Picture with my Twoot Family (minus Inna, Renz and Franz)
*Rest assured that me and Shem (Kyon) are okay and going back to what we used to be :)
*God granted my wish. To see Red before going home :D
*Mommy met Red
*My Parents accepted that I'am not single anymore.

Things I hate this day:
*The event started late
*The Oath Taking is boring

September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday mama Mary!

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Thank you for having me as child and watching over me ever since I was born. Always remember that I will always be your loyal daughter, thank you for introducing yourself to me again last 9 years ago.

August 27, 2010

The agony is over

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Last week there were speculations that the NLE results will be posted by August 22, 2010. Syempre kinakabahan ako kung papasa ba ako or hindi and I told God na I will accept his decision. Anyway Since August 22 anxious na ko. Ok, fast forward na. PUMASA AKO! YAY! Super happy sa sobrang happy ko nakalimutan ko na hindi pa ko kumakain ng breakfast and lunch!! I super thank God tlaga, I knew it hindi niya kami papabayaan. I also thanks my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my beloved group twoot, classmates, schoolmates, my CIs and professors and RCAP. Thanks for believing and helping me to boost my self esteem! Lalo lalong na ung mga self booster friends ko. Thanks!

Thank you Lord, God, for always being there and answering my prayers :D Natutuwa ako sa mga answers niyo po nung August 22 and after that I knew papasa ako :)
Thank you Mama Mary, for always guiding me ever since I've became your loyal daughter. Thank you so much
To Sir Fur and Mam Tingcungco, alam ko po na pinagpray and nag ask kayo ng petition kay God to help us pass the board exam. Thank you so much po, please always guide our way to become a better nurses. Thank you po.

August 26, 2010

The real purpose

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Well, I totally forgot my real purpose of buying my little corvette. Beside from being a fashion photographer, I really wanted to be a Photojournalist or a Freelancer news blogger. I remember daydreaming taking those photos from rallies, important events, etc. Well good luck to me! I hope I can achieve this little dream of mine.

August 24, 2010


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Sorry di talaga ako matahimik sa issue na to.

Marami nagrereklamo about sa ginawa ng Manila SWAT Team dun sa hostage dra,ma pero sana marealize niyo kung gaano kahirap ung ginagawa nila lalo na ung pagsacrifice nila ng life para maligtas ang mga HK nationals.

WHY AFP VS. PNP? Uminit ulo ko that night dahil isang diskusyon ng isang schoolmate ng anak daw kuno ng isang taga AFP. Nagagalit siya sa PNP dahil ayaw pa nila ipasok ang AFP or sort of ganun. Bakit nga ba walang AFP kasi it's beyond their duty, wala job description nila un. Isa pa sa lalo nagpainit ng ulo ko is panay compare niya sa PNP and AFP. Ok fine, magaling na ang daddy mo pero isipin mo iba ang sundalo sa pulis. Green ang uniform nila, blue ang sa pulis. Parang MD and RN lang yan and Pilot and Stewards. Gets mo? Makaiba sila?? Meron something sa PNP na wala sila meron din sa AFP na meron sila na wala sa PNP. Sana maliwanagan na ang utak mo ok? Iba ang training PNP and AFP and walang mas magaling at mas marunong sa dalawa, pantay pantay lang sila.

Yun lang. Good night!

Naglalabas lang ng sama ng loob

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Ok fine. First of all sorry kung nasaktan ka sa tweet ko nag opinion lang ako at hindi ko naman alam na magiging big deal sayo un. Ayan binura ko na ung tweet na un para sayo. And then second, OO NA IKAW NA MAGANDA!! WALA NAMAN AKO SINABING MAGANDA AKO? AT ALAM KO NAMAN NA HINDI AKO KAGANDAHAN HINDI MO NA KAILANGANG IPAGSABI. OO IKAW NA, IKAW NA ANG PINAKAMAGANDA AT PINAKASEXY. Yun lang. Good night!

Fur Serquinia

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Sir Fur was one of the best ever CI RTRMS-MMC (currently known as MMC-CN) ever had. It was a bit depressing about the news that he died last August 22, 2010 due to Pleural Effusion s/t Pneumonia.

Sir Fur started as a CI when we were on our 2nd year of college. He didn't became our CI but I had heard lots of negative feedbacks about him and yes I did hated him because of those feedbacks. At my 3rd year Summer Class, He became one of the CIs in our RLE and I remember that I told him in one of the activities that there's something wrong with group 3's presentation and then he said "Sige tumayo ka! Isigaw mo!" and ofcourse I was too embarrassed to shout it out so Sir decided that Shem should do the honor haha. At the first day of 3rd year we were told that Sir Fur would be our Clinical Instructor for our fourth rotation in Pediatrics 6th floor at MMC. At the first day he told us "You should address me as Sir Serquinia not Sir Fur kasi hindi ako Surfer." I remember that it was so hard adjusting are duties because Sir Fur has also classes for Masterals. As a CI he taught me to love nursing, he taught me to appreciate the ADPIE process, he taught me how important doing the assessment and how every single cues are so important for Nursing Care and he also taught me the easiest way to measure the IV line and the use of gum label. He also love watching cartoons, He memorize every songs of any cartoons such Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, etc even the Tagalog dubbed songs of these cartoons. And yeah I almost forgot that I love his voice and I love how he sings, he has an angelic voice. I remember this day as we call it the Pokerface days, we presented our case study thru Lady Gaga's Pokerface and he was so proud of us and he even told the lower years about us. He's one of the Group Twoot's favorite so I thanked God for letting us have Sir Fur. Please take care of him Lord, God. To Sir Fur, you will always be in our hearts, thank you.

August 22, 2010

Personality Disorder Rating.

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Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: High
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Very High
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: High
Dependent: High
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

URL of the test:
URL for more info:

August 17, 2010

Confession of a Fro-Yo Addict

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When I was a kid I love eating Ice cream, I'll do anything to eat ice cream. I never got tired of eating those Ice cream but when I turned 16 years old I was a bit conscious of my weight and tried to eat Yogurt (because they said that helps you to lose weight) and I got addicted to Yogurt.

I started eating frozen Yogurt just last May 2010 were me and Majo ate at Red Mango, it does taste like Yogurt (the sour taste). At around June, me and Jezza tried White Hat and yes, we got addicted to it and we've been returning to White Hat almost everyday! I tried California Berry for FroYo's sake and it does taste like Red Mango with the sour taste of yogurt. Just weeks ago we ate at Tutti Frutti and it was also delicious but it didn't replaced White Hat as my number 1. And just yesterday, I ate at Qoola with Laiza and I fell in love with it! And it has replaced White Hat as my number 1 favorite Frozen Yogurt although it's a bit expensive. And now, I'm craving for fro-yo!

My Fro-yo toplist:

1. Qoola
2. White Hat
3. Tutti Frutti
4. Red Mango
5. California Berry

My Pending List of Fro-yo:
*I love berries
*green apple
*golden spoon
*yoh-gurt froz
*lulu belle

August 16, 2010

Getting Depress errr

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You know what hurts? It's when someone you special yesterday, but made you feel that you were the most stupid person today.
after reading this quote those memories were like a slideshow showing me how horrible he was and I don't know why I am feeling this way? Is it because I can't stand the fact that he made me one of his experimental girls to see who can easily fell inlove with him? Tae, magtatagalog na lang ako haha Anyway, back to the topic. Di ko lam bakit nagbabalik, I did forgive him na, ayaw ko na magalit ulit sa kanya, sinupress ko na lahat ng galit, lahat ng badtrip ko. I knew it if something na makakatrigger babalik na naman ang galit ko sa kanya I know suppression is really a bad idea pero yun lang talaga ung paraan para maging ok kami. Shit talaga! Bwiset! Bakit ba ko nagalit sa kanya? Sabi ko nga kanina ginawa niya kong experiment! in short PANAKIP BUTAS! Kasalanan ko din kasi nagtake advantage ako, akala ko kaya siya ganun kabait kasi he's being a gentleman pero hindi may purpose I mean may ginagawa siyang experiment and gladly naeliminate na ko sa experiment niya. Although he had found the girl who passed his experiment, that's why for how many months na hindi ko siya sinusupport sa balak niya to kasi friend ko ung girl and I don't believe him talaga, I don't believe that he love that girl, I love the girl ayaw ko masaktan siya so I dunno. Di ko lam, I'm like crying here and can feel the emotion I felt last two months ago. It was anger, depression, guilt and hatred! So here, I'am telling you now na di na ko masyado magiging close sa kanya di kagaya ng dati but I need to forgive him na. That's what my daddy and my brothers told me, to forgive people. Pero masakit talaga ung ginawa niya sa aken and parang pinamumukha niya lang na something na Second hand or Second option ka lang. ISANG PANAKIP BUTAS. Lalo niya pinababa ang self esteem ko. Isa ka pa naman sa pinakaclose na guy sa akin and then sisirain mo lang yung trust ko sayo I don't know kung kailangan pa ba ako maniwala sayo. From now on, I won't ask any favor from you kasi nakakahiya baka kung anu lang isipin mo ulit. Thanks anyway! And like the quote said I'M SO STUPID to believe to that goodness in you. I'll make some distraction to forget this depression, i should study na.

August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th

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Yesterday was friday the 13th which means it's an unlucky day and for me it was 50-50 which means I experienced bad and good lucks. Good luck because our planned photoshoot was done and it didn't rain!! YAY! And bad luck because my Lola Linda died and I really don't know what's the cause. And also my Lola has forgotten who I am like she's manifesting signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, I hope she'll be fine.

Anyway, I want to share to you a teaser for my next portfolio which will be posted on my Facebook, DeviantArt and Multiply accounts.

August 8, 2010

The Ambivert One

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I just took a personality test (the one answers if you are introvert or extrovert) and guess what, I am an AMBIVERT, which means I have some trait of an extrovert and introvert.

We all have a little extrovert and introvert in us. We might, for example, act goofy when hanging out with friends, but barely make a peep during office meetings. By gaining a better understanding as to where we lie on the extroversion/introversion continuum, we can develop not only a deeper understanding of ourselves, but also of those

you appear to be the type of person who enjoys socializing with both large and smaller, more intimate groups of people. You don't mind being around big crowds, but that doesn't mean you'll want to crash every party you're invited to. Having an active social life and extending your network of friends is relatively important to you, but it isn't the most crucial thing. You've managed to strike a great balance between actively involving yourself in your larger social network, and spending some quality time with a few intimate friends. Although you may not always be the conversation-starter or the "life of the party", you are generally a very outgoing individual, whether among friends or people you are less familiar with.
-from Queendom

August 7, 2010

Be Contented

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I'm crying my heart out due to emotional stress and low self esteem. Need to boost my self esteem and be happy for who I am and for what I am. Be contented for what you have and what God gave you. Sorry for being emotional, it's GLEEs fault!!

Being contented was one of the things I've learn in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women so here I am trying and doing my best to be contented with the things I have and for the look that God gave to me. Although sometimes we think that this is not enough and getting envious to others is really a dangerous and deadly sin. I should tell myself that I'am unique and truly a gift, a wonderful gift given by the Almighty Father.

August 4, 2010


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I'm planning to pack up and transfer to tumblr..? What do you think guys?

July 28, 2010

New Layyie

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I've fixed my blog and changed a new layout for it (from blogskins, thank you) but still in Hiatus and underconstruction. Just wait and see and I'll update you if something special will happen to me. Ciao!

How Ya!

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How are you my beloved blog? I've been busy last months due to my Nursing Licensure Exam aka Local Board Exam. Just took it last July 3 and 4, 2010 and boy, it was really hard! Crossing my fingers and praying to God that I will pass the board exam.

Anyway, I've decided to go on Medicine and I think God have something planned for me by taking this course. This August I'll start on studying for the upcoming NMAT on December. Bless me God, so that I can pass this another challenge for me.

And now, I'm bum for 1 month and I'm getting bored. Anyway, I promise you my beloved little journal that I'll update as soon as I can :) Toodles!

June 8, 2010


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Usapan 9am magmemeet sa Metropoin Jollibee at dahil late ako nagising inaadjust ko ng 10am haha. 1030am kami nacomplete and kumain na ng breakfast sa Jollibee. First church, Our Mother of Perpetual Help at Baclaran. Nilakad namen from Taft EDSA/ Pasay Rotonda to Baclaran Church.

1100H - May nangyaring Raid sa Baclaran, first time ko makawitness.
Pumila si Jeng sa BPI tapos may sumingit na ate sa pila

Jeng: Excuse me Miss nakapila ka?
Ate: Oo dito *points*
Aya: Pumila ka sa harap niya Jeng, nauuna ka kaya!
Jeng: Hayaan muna, mukhang nagmamadali yata siya
*Then biglang lipat sa likod si ate* HAHA

After magdasal sa Baclaran Church sumakay kami ng jeep pagbalik ng EDSA Taft. Naghanap ng jeep papuntang PACO pero narealize namen na mas malapit ang Malate Church ayun lumipat pa kami ng jeep pero narealize namen mas malapit kami sa Church nila Jannic haha

2nd Church, Our Lady of Sorrows, Harisson
Ung kuya naglimos.

3rd church, Our Lady of Remedies Parish, Malate
tumigil muna sa 7/11 and bumili ng maiinom. BTW, feeling close si Kuya Jeepney Driver.
Pagpasok namen sa Church akala namen may Mass, ay meron pa lang mass per ung Mass before ng libing

4th Church, Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Manila Cathedral-Basilica), Intramuros
-Sarado pa ang San Agustin Parish, 5pm pa daw mag open! hmpf!
May Wedding sa Manila Cathedral. Before pala kami makapasok sa Intramuros may nabundol na bata, nabundol ng truck. Tatanga tanga kasi ung nanay bwiset.
-Nung umalis na kami sa Intramuros may babaeng grasa na dikit ng dikit sabing wala kaming pera sunod pa rin ng sunod pero sa huli sumuko din xa haha and madami din kami nakitang Rugby and Thinner boys la lang share ko lang.

5th Church, Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo
-First time ko!! daming tao.
-May tumabing manong na lolo na mukhang manyak (sorry for bring judgmental) sa aken at bigla niya ko kinausap
Lolo: Ang init noh?
Aya: *deadma* *tapos lumuhod at hawak ang novena notebook ni Jeng*
Lolo: Ano yang binabasa mo?
Aya: *deadma* *busy nagdadasal*
Lolo: Pst! Pst! Pssssssst! Psst! PSt! PSSSSSSSSSSSST!!! *Maya maya nagdabog at umalis na sa tabi ko at umupo na sa harap ko.*

6th Church, San Jose De Trozo Parish, Sta. Cruz
bago makapunta dito tumingin pa kami ng mga DSLR hehe
-Naging Psychologist na si Jannic.

On the way to Ayala. Nagbus kami sa Quiapo papuntang Ayala. Nagkwentuhan about lovelife, wala daw alam si Jannic pero ang galing magbigay ng advice! haha
-Ang taray ni Manang. HAHA JENG TARAYAN MO!!!

7th Church, Santo Nino De Paz, Greenbelt
-Sosyal. Gutom na ko. haha Unting tiis!!

8th Church, Santuario de San Antonio Parish, Forbes Park
-Mas sosyal to!! Lamiiiiiiiiig. May aircon!

9th Church, Archiocesan Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The truth and the life.
-Sa MoA! haha balik pasay ule,

Nag enjoy ako plus napagod kakalakad. Panay lakad kami pero masaya marami nakasalamuhang tao :) Thanks Jeng and Jannic sa pagsama sa aken :D Love you Guys!

April 19, 2010


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FIRST DAY SA RCAP REVIEW. dumating 10minutes before the time. walang upuan. kumuha ng upuan at umupo sa tabi ni Athenah. Dumating si Saga. Sumigaw ako ng HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. nainis xa sa aken wahaha. narinig ni Sarto. lumabas xa. tumayo ako at tumapat sa aircon. pumasok xa sa door na malapit sa seat ko. pinapanuod ko xa at narinig na nagsabi "Si Empeo?". tinawag ko na. binigay ung grad pic ni red. binigay ko na rin sa kanya ung isang set ng grad pic ko. tuwang tuwa xa. nagstart na. nakaupo. nakatulala. inaantok. katext si sarto kahit nakaupo xa 6 row ahead of me. inaantok na rin daw xa. tinetext ko din si niegel kasi bored na talaga ako. wala pang 1 hour bored ako. nagsulat kaming apat (irish, ram, athenah at ako) ng "I will top the board exam". sabi ni mam 2 hours pa daw xa magdaldal ng mga nonsense chuvaness. inoorasan namen ni Irish. nakita ko si sarto pumuposisyon na at matutulog na. maya maya tulog na. tumulala na lang ule ako. after 2 hours. break! tulog pa rin si sarto. pinuntahan ko pero di ko na dinisturbo. nakipagkulitan na lang ako kay coco martin este kay alvin armesto. after ng break. lumipat na ako sa tabi ni charm. charm the cumlaude, the top notcher!! kinamusta ako nila kate. diagnostic exam! akala ko may lesson kami about diagnostic examination un pala pre exam, ang sama ng ugali nila. inaamin ko mahirap ang exam. pagkatapos ng exam tumabi ako kay sarto. hinintay xa matapos. pumunta kami ng jobby at kumaen. sold out pa rin ang tuna pie. tumambay sa labas ng room. nagstart na ang class. tumulala ule. hinihintay ang rationalization and checking ng exam. after 2 hours. tiningnan ko si coke ni ayu alano. tulog xa, naiinggit ako. nahihiya ako kay charm at louise nakikinig sila. katext ko pa rin si niegel at sarto. tinext ko ang mga mahal ko sa buhay. at natatawa ako sa mga reply nila. tumulala. naisipan lumipat at bumalik sa dating puwesto. bumalik ako. umupo sa gitna ni irish at tina. nagbabasa si irish at nagpopoker si athenah. tumulala ule. balak sana matulog pero di na lang kasi nakikinig na DAW si sarto dahil bagong gising daw xa haha. at maingay sa likod. after 4 hours, checking na ng exam. bigla ako nabuhayan haha. inaamin ko maingay ako at sigaw ako ng sigaw sa mga oras na ito. "The longest statement" team kami ni Irish. strategy daw sa boards. pinakamahabang statement un ang sagot. at tama naman kami haha. nakikipagsabayan kay bermudez. nakikitawa ka nila christen. promise ang ingay ko. sabi nga ni riqi "nangingibabaw ang boses mo". sabi ni jannic "oo naririnig kita, maingay." Hyper. ang score ko? wag nio na alamin. Pasado pero hindi acceptable. ok? haha un lang *bow*

ILY. :)

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Bakit ba ayaw nila maniwala na mahal ko kayo?

Nagtext ako sa mga taong mahal ko ng "ILY. :)" 12 na tao ang tinext ko at nakakatuwa ung mga nireply nila. Yung iba, deadma lang.

Riqi: Adik!haha ewan ko xeo Riqi, seryoso ako sa sinasabi ko haha
Aya: Wahaha xd

Majo:Haha! Ily too...
Aya: Haha! xd

Clarins: Uy wrng send ka! Haha cnung iniiloveyou m ha? Sira, haha pati ba naman bestfriend ko hindi naniniwala na mahal ko xa haha
Aya: D wrong send yan. Nu ba yan, d k nani2walan lab kta? Haha

Niegel: ILY? Haha. Yieee.
Aya: Haha lab kta e.
Niegel: Wush0o. Wr0ng send yan n0. Haha.Para kay an0 yan n0. Haha
Aya: D nu. Para xeo yan.
Niegel: Ayee. Tatz nMan aq.

Athenah: Kanino to? Kay ***?
Aya: Xeo. Adik. Lab kta.
Athenah: Love you toooooooo!!!Mwaaaaahhhhhh! Anong meron? Lasing ka ba?
Aya: S sobrang bord ko narealize ko na lab kta wahahaha
Athenah: Adik ka! Tae! Love you more my guardian angel!Mwaaaahhhhhh!

Gene: We lab you too! Gene, ilan ka ba? ang dami mo naman haha

Alex: I love you?

ito ang the best...
Jannic and Dindin: Ano ang ILY? HAHAHAHA!!!

March 20, 2010

The return

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Hello people of earth, I'm back! It's been 3 months since my last entry. Last 3 months ago was one of the most busiest days of my entire college life!

I became the leader of our last duty (NeuroPsyche), became a member of Documentation and Evaluation for the College Week (and was the head for the hard copy), our super hard Nursing Audit, busy with my missing data for my PRC Completion, had a misunderstanding with a close friend and had a fight with my mom.

And I super thank God that I've surpassed this challenges!

And Yes, I'm graduating! YAY! After 4 years of sacrifice, I can't believe that I would finish this profession. I'm having separation anxiety because I loved this institution, my clinical instructors/professors, my schoolmates, my batchmates, my classmates and ofcourse, my groupmates. They've been part of my wonderful story. I need to accept the fact, that I need to say goodbye to them and also the fact that I need to be independent. I'll miss the days were I always ask my daddy for allowance haha.

College student no more, I'm already an unemployed individual! I will miss my Monday-Sunday classes. I realized how fun studying is.

I'm getting addicted to 4minute's What a girl wants.

January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution

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1. I'll stop teasing na. Hindi na ako mang aasar promise!
2. I'll lessen na ang simangot and try to smile often
3. Hindi na ko mangbabara out of nowhere.
4. Hindi na ako maninigaw.
5. I'll study harder though ok naman ung grades ko I'll study pa rin haha
6. I'll sleep earlier
7. I'll take care of my health
9. Be Optimistic
10. I'll respect my parents na talaga
11. Magluluto na talaga ako dito sa bahay.
12. Ipon Ipon!
13. No more Absent and LATE!! :)

To all the people I've hurt and hated me I'm so sorry
To all the people who became a part of my life Thank you so much!


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