November 10, 2010

Life…Beautiful life..

posted by Aya Empeo at 18:08
I've just watched TvN's Bad Girl's Diary's last episode and it made me teary eye. It's my favorite show and I've always love that show. It was the so-called korean version of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Simple Life. It's a reality show about the two bad girls, Amy and Bonnie's life. I'm gonna miss this show ;(
That's Amy, she my favorite. I love how she act, her fashion and I sort of envy her beauty. She's a strong willed lady but has a soft heart inside.
And that's Bonnie, the girl who speak some English words. When I first watched this show, Bonnie was my favorite but at the latter part it became Amy. I can see myself on Bonnie, a kid at heart with a super soft and kind heart and I think Bonnie and I have the same personality and yes, I'am a scaredy cat :(

Like I said, I'm gonna miss this show :( I've learned lots of things from this wonderful show. And I'm having LSS, Bad Girl's Diaries theme song, been playing all over again on my head. Life…Beautiful life.. :D


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