November 20, 2010

Day Fourteen: Do you have a siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what's it's like to be an only child

posted by Aya Empeo at 00:22
I actually have 5 siblings, literally, it's sort of a complicated one. My older sister died (my father's daughter from his first wife), I have two adopted older brother but never saw them really because there were somewhere I don't know but still I considered them as my brothers, I hope I can meet them someday. And then I was born, and then two little monsters (brothers) were followed. So I'll write things about my little brothers.

The one who followed me is Ramon. He was nicknamed Butchokoy when we were young but later became Toking due to my "bulol" speech when I was little. He's the most snobbish person I've met, he's has the same name as my father and they also have the same personality. They love to make pranks and snobbish with the people they don't know. He's also has the most weakest immune system and accidental prone. I think he was born to stay at MMC haha when he was still in High School he always stay at the hospital every year.

My youngest brother, Monico, he was nicknamed Mico but later became Nico but I call him Mamoy (Monico + Baboy). He's a super huge fat guy and loves to eat HOTDOGS! Every new people we met always mistaken Monico as the eldest of the three of us, and he is happy about that. A little trivia about him, when my mother is pregnant and having an ultrasound, the doctors find out that the baby my mother carrying is a girl and my mother planned to name "HER", Monica, and then August 6 came and "SHE" was born and it turns out SHE's a HE.

Both of my brothers are closed to me but both of them told me that they sort of hate each other. I both love them and I'm so lucky to have brothers like them. People are envious of our relationship with each other, we protect each other from harm (especially from our parents) and love each other. They were the most sweetest brothers I've seen although sometimes they cause pain still I'm thankful to have them.


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