November 16, 2010

Day Ten: Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

posted by Aya Empeo at 20:28

I have a pet dog named Mimiko (nicknamed Mimi), she's a half Japanese Spitz-half Shih tzu. She's a graduation gift from my father and a family friend. I received her exactly an hour before I left house. She's a spoiled brat dog, she loves to stay in front of the air condition to sleep. What I like about my little Mimi is that every time you came home, she's always going gaga and jumping like crazy which shows that she really missed you so much. Although, sometimes she's a little annoying dog I still love her and can't really harm her not like my brothers.

We also have a pair of love birds, I named them Morgan and Hunter, from Cate Tiernan's Sweep. It was a gift from my Daddy's friend, he just came home from a middle of the night with two little love birds. These birds serve us as our alarm clock haha they chirp exactly at around 5am and sleep early at 9pm!!


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