November 11, 2010

Day Four: Write about your closest friend(s)

posted by Aya Empeo at 15:51

How to start? Hmmm...

Hmmm... I have lots of close friends, my eating buddy friends, my gala friends, my groupmates, my cosplay family, my jogging buddy and many more but all of them treated me as their sibling not just only a friend but also as a family. I won't make any descriptions about them because there were lots of them. Anyway, I'll write a list of their names and a little description about them.

Clarins "Mox" Torrontegui, She's my longtime childhood best friend and acts as my older sister.
Kimberly "Kim" Delos Reyes, a HS barkada who will entertain and never make you bored when you're with her.
Eliza "Laiza" Toribio, a newly found friend who's ready to listen on my rants.
Jan Nicole "Jannic" Delicana, my long long lost and found cousin and slash best friend, who loves to give you a good advice.
Joel Bernados, One of the closest guy friends I had, he's my love adviser :D
Marijo Mae "Majo" Cuevas, My jogging and as well my eating buddy, there were things that we love to do and that is eating and shopping and yeah we love to waste money haha
Marianne Jessica "Riqi" Enriquez, also my eating buddy, who helps me when I don't understand some our lessons when we were in college and also loves, really do love, to listen on my problems/chismis haha.
Michael Shem "Kyon" Bermudez, He was my kuya, always ready and made me smile when I'm down and tried his best to help me on my problems.
Charmaine "Charm" Gauiran, just got close to her when we were in 4th year because I was too intimidated with her, I love how she attentively listens on my rants and how she reacts and gives advice on my problems.
Katherine "Bossing Kate" Guilaran, our bossing who also acts as my older sister and always reminds me what should I do or what good should I do.
Niegel Ann "Nieg" Teodoro, one of my closest friend at our class outside my group. She never leave you behind and ready to be with you if you need her.
Naddine Alelih "Dindin" Sarto, she's a friend who'll stay up late from 10pm until 8am just to have time with you or listen with your problem and will do her best to help you.
Jezza Marie "Jeng" Santos, Dindin's bestfriend, who loves to eat Green Mango like me haha If you have a problem she's ready to sing with you at the karaoke at Timezone.
Alexander "Lex" Rivera, he's one of my closest guy friends but due to some misunderstanding our super closeness lessen but now we're catching up on each other. He's also a brother to me where he attentively listens on my problems even it's already 5am.
Santino "Tino" Dumlao, he's the most meanie close guy I ever had, he acts as my bully older brother but never fail to make me happy and also cry.
Rennor "Enski" Orilla, a recently added close friend, my little sister. Too bad our mode communication (Vios -My Samsung Star/Sun Sim) was broken but we do try to update each other thru facebook.
Ramon "Momoy" Empeo II and Monico "Mamoy" Empeo, are my little brothers who always protect me from harm and who knew me from the start.
Ronald Redentor "Red" De Veyra, my beloved Berserker, my boyfriend, one of the reason to make my life complete *chesesy*. Anyways, he's always ready to listen if I have a problem (especially about my parents) and tries his best to give me a good advice.
Ramon "Ramie" Empeo, Son Goku, who always shouts and yell at home but never ever fail to make us smile (by giving us money hahaha j/k).


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