November 29, 2010

Day Twenty Four: Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres

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The last movie I've watched was RED, it was a action-comedy movie. A stress reliever movie which doesn't really have any sense, I just love the movie because it's fun to watch, lots of comedy and laughs.

Day Twenty-three: Tell us about Lady Gaga

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I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga when she was getting started, you know the Pokerface era, but it started with Bad Romance when her image sort of change and little by little hating her but still I listened to her songs because it's too catchy except for Alejandro.

November 28, 2010

Day Twenty Two: Do you play a sport? Tell us about it. If not, talk about a different hobby you may have.

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Sports? Currently, I don’t have any sports. So about my different hobby, I don’t know, I love to sleep and sometimes I do photography as a hobby :D

November 27, 2010

la jeune fille tressée

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Had a photo shoot with my Mommy Trish :D Here's some photos from the shoot. Just a few I'm too lazy to edit those photos haha

November 26, 2010

Day Twenty one: Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?

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Yes I do wear a eyeglasses it's for my astigmatism and myopia :D

Day Twenty: Favorite subject to study?

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When I was in my elementary days, I love math and history. When I was in High school, I love Science (except for Physics), History and a little of Math. And when I was in College, I love the portion of NCM that discusses about Mental Health and Pediatrics and I also love Philippine History, World Literature and Asian Civilization :D For me, liking and being serious on a subject depends on the professor/teacher who's teaching (I mean how the way he/she teach the subject is another plus point) and how interesting the subject is, well except for History, I love History ever since!

November 24, 2010

Day Nineteen: The initial of your crush(es)

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Day Eighteen: Do you drink soda more often than milk?

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Nope, because soda is prohibited and bad for my health. And my body needs milk and Calcium because my bones are a bit weak.

November 23, 2010

Day Seventeen: Your thoughts on Ugg Boots

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They are cute but I haven'y wore any. They are not really applicable for this country :)

November 22, 2010


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Free at last! That's all. *bow* :D Fun Shoot later at General Trias, Cavite. Larga agad after lumaya haha :))

November 21, 2010

Day Sixteen: Your favorite Disney Princess movie

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That would be Cinderella :D

Day Fifteen: Tell us your favorite junk food

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Hmm.. My favorite junk food would be Doritos but I'm limiting myself on this junk foods because I was prohibited by the physician due to my sickness on my urinary tract and stomach :(


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I wanted to fix this blog but I'm to lazy and I'm not in the mood :( Haaay...

November 20, 2010

One Day More

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One day more! Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary; These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time. One day more!.. just kidding. YAY! One day more and I'll have at last my freedom!! I haven't noticed that it is nearly over but I enjoyed being grounded for one week, I've save money and it made me study because of boredom.

Speaking of One Day More, I'm getting addicted to this song, One day more by the Les Miserables Original London Casts. I should have watch The 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables but I don't have enough money for a plane ticket to London. Anyway, I'll buy a dvd of it.

Day Fourteen: Do you have a siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what's it's like to be an only child

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I actually have 5 siblings, literally, it's sort of a complicated one. My older sister died (my father's daughter from his first wife), I have two adopted older brother but never saw them really because there were somewhere I don't know but still I considered them as my brothers, I hope I can meet them someday. And then I was born, and then two little monsters (brothers) were followed. So I'll write things about my little brothers.

The one who followed me is Ramon. He was nicknamed Butchokoy when we were young but later became Toking due to my "bulol" speech when I was little. He's the most snobbish person I've met, he's has the same name as my father and they also have the same personality. They love to make pranks and snobbish with the people they don't know. He's also has the most weakest immune system and accidental prone. I think he was born to stay at MMC haha when he was still in High School he always stay at the hospital every year.

My youngest brother, Monico, he was nicknamed Mico but later became Nico but I call him Mamoy (Monico + Baboy). He's a super huge fat guy and loves to eat HOTDOGS! Every new people we met always mistaken Monico as the eldest of the three of us, and he is happy about that. A little trivia about him, when my mother is pregnant and having an ultrasound, the doctors find out that the baby my mother carrying is a girl and my mother planned to name "HER", Monica, and then August 6 came and "SHE" was born and it turns out SHE's a HE.

Both of my brothers are closed to me but both of them told me that they sort of hate each other. I both love them and I'm so lucky to have brothers like them. People are envious of our relationship with each other, we protect each other from harm (especially from our parents) and love each other. They were the most sweetest brothers I've seen although sometimes they cause pain still I'm thankful to have them.

November 19, 2010

Day Thirteen: Your thoughts or opinion about Mean Girls

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Lindsay Lohan? My only opinion that the movie shows that bullying and violence is really rampant in US High school students and the movie tries to let the watchers see that everyone can be friends anyone sort of like that.

November 17, 2010

Day Twelve: Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter

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Harry Potter, the character itself? Or the book? Or the movie?
Anyway, Harry Potter is a poor lad who grew up with his meanie relatives. I pity him for having an extended family like them. Well isn't nice that he met the Weasleys, Hermione and the rest of the Hogwarts' family. About the book, I've only read 2 or 3 books of Harry Potter. Reading Harry Potter will make your imaginations go gaga and it would be nice to dream that your a wizard and sort of like that. Let me say that J.K. Rowling is a superb writer (and now a millionaire, thanks to Harry Potter haha). About the movie, the cast are superb, the effects and the movie itself is a superb. I still love Harry Potter over the Twilight Saga and I'll choose Rupert Grint over Rob Pattinson. In short, I love Harry Potter, it's been a part of us, of my childhood life. I watched every movie and followed how Harry Potter and the gang grew up (and also the casts). And I will not miss the last two movie for the world.

Study?? haha

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Believe it or not, I'm really busy studying :D I love answering those practice test in the middle of the night because everyone is asleep and the only thing I can hear is Michael Bubl�'s wonderful voice :D It took me three hours of studying. Anyway, I'll study later at midnight again :D

Day Eleven: Your top three favorite bands.

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My top three favorite bands are

My Chemical Romance, Larc en ciel and The Script

November 16, 2010

Day Ten: Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

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I have a pet dog named Mimiko (nicknamed Mimi), she's a half Japanese Spitz-half Shih tzu. She's a graduation gift from my father and a family friend. I received her exactly an hour before I left house. She's a spoiled brat dog, she loves to stay in front of the air condition to sleep. What I like about my little Mimi is that every time you came home, she's always going gaga and jumping like crazy which shows that she really missed you so much. Although, sometimes she's a little annoying dog I still love her and can't really harm her not like my brothers.

We also have a pair of love birds, I named them Morgan and Hunter, from Cate Tiernan's Sweep. It was a gift from my Daddy's friend, he just came home from a middle of the night with two little love birds. These birds serve us as our alarm clock haha they chirp exactly at around 5am and sleep early at 9pm!!


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Honestly I'm not familiar with memes haha anyway, I love this meme so here :D

November 14, 2010

Day Eight: Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.

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If you ask me, I'm both a fitness guru and a couch potato. I love to sleep, eat and watch or do some sedentary activities the whole day but I never end my day without exercise. I do start with warm up exercise such as stretching and then I proceed with the exercise for arm toning that I've learned at the gym and then crunches for my hateful FLABS and then leg stretching to tone my legs and then lots lots of stretching again. And then once or twice a week, I jog with my jogging buddy at Bonifacio High Street.

Day Seven: How you came across tumblr, and how your life changed since joining.

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I've discovered Tumblr thru Tricia Gosingtian, saw her tweets about her posts on tumblr so I was a bit curious and tried Tumblr.That time there was still tumblarity and I'll never forget that thru tumblr many were save and helped when Ondoy devastated our country and it made me more proud being a Filipina and it also helped me to be a generous and helpful Filipino.

November 12, 2010

Day Six: Your favorite season, and why?

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My favorite season would be Autumn because I really don't know.. its just, because of its monotone color which makes it really beautiful. Unfortunately, Philippines has only two season which is Rainy and Sunny and if you ask me what's my favorite season here, that would be both.

Day Five: Tell us your three favorite colors.

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My first three favorite colors are (in order) 1. Black, 2. Green and 3. Purple

November 11, 2010

Day Four: Write about your closest friend(s)

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How to start? Hmmm...

Hmmm... I have lots of close friends, my eating buddy friends, my gala friends, my groupmates, my cosplay family, my jogging buddy and many more but all of them treated me as their sibling not just only a friend but also as a family. I won't make any descriptions about them because there were lots of them. Anyway, I'll write a list of their names and a little description about them.

Clarins "Mox" Torrontegui, She's my longtime childhood best friend and acts as my older sister.
Kimberly "Kim" Delos Reyes, a HS barkada who will entertain and never make you bored when you're with her.
Eliza "Laiza" Toribio, a newly found friend who's ready to listen on my rants.
Jan Nicole "Jannic" Delicana, my long long lost and found cousin and slash best friend, who loves to give you a good advice.
Joel Bernados, One of the closest guy friends I had, he's my love adviser :D
Marijo Mae "Majo" Cuevas, My jogging and as well my eating buddy, there were things that we love to do and that is eating and shopping and yeah we love to waste money haha
Marianne Jessica "Riqi" Enriquez, also my eating buddy, who helps me when I don't understand some our lessons when we were in college and also loves, really do love, to listen on my problems/chismis haha.
Michael Shem "Kyon" Bermudez, He was my kuya, always ready and made me smile when I'm down and tried his best to help me on my problems.
Charmaine "Charm" Gauiran, just got close to her when we were in 4th year because I was too intimidated with her, I love how she attentively listens on my rants and how she reacts and gives advice on my problems.
Katherine "Bossing Kate" Guilaran, our bossing who also acts as my older sister and always reminds me what should I do or what good should I do.
Niegel Ann "Nieg" Teodoro, one of my closest friend at our class outside my group. She never leave you behind and ready to be with you if you need her.
Naddine Alelih "Dindin" Sarto, she's a friend who'll stay up late from 10pm until 8am just to have time with you or listen with your problem and will do her best to help you.
Jezza Marie "Jeng" Santos, Dindin's bestfriend, who loves to eat Green Mango like me haha If you have a problem she's ready to sing with you at the karaoke at Timezone.
Alexander "Lex" Rivera, he's one of my closest guy friends but due to some misunderstanding our super closeness lessen but now we're catching up on each other. He's also a brother to me where he attentively listens on my problems even it's already 5am.
Santino "Tino" Dumlao, he's the most meanie close guy I ever had, he acts as my bully older brother but never fail to make me happy and also cry.
Rennor "Enski" Orilla, a recently added close friend, my little sister. Too bad our mode communication (Vios -My Samsung Star/Sun Sim) was broken but we do try to update each other thru facebook.
Ramon "Momoy" Empeo II and Monico "Mamoy" Empeo, are my little brothers who always protect me from harm and who knew me from the start.
Ronald Redentor "Red" De Veyra, my beloved Berserker, my boyfriend, one of the reason to make my life complete *chesesy*. Anyways, he's always ready to listen if I have a problem (especially about my parents) and tries his best to give me a good advice.
Ramon "Ramie" Empeo, Son Goku, who always shouts and yell at home but never ever fail to make us smile (by giving us money hahaha j/k).

November 10, 2010

Life…Beautiful life..

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I've just watched TvN's Bad Girl's Diary's last episode and it made me teary eye. It's my favorite show and I've always love that show. It was the so-called korean version of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Simple Life. It's a reality show about the two bad girls, Amy and Bonnie's life. I'm gonna miss this show ;(
That's Amy, she my favorite. I love how she act, her fashion and I sort of envy her beauty. She's a strong willed lady but has a soft heart inside.
And that's Bonnie, the girl who speak some English words. When I first watched this show, Bonnie was my favorite but at the latter part it became Amy. I can see myself on Bonnie, a kid at heart with a super soft and kind heart and I think Bonnie and I have the same personality and yes, I'am a scaredy cat :(

Like I said, I'm gonna miss this show :( I've learned lots of things from this wonderful show. And I'm having LSS, Bad Girl's Diaries theme song, been playing all over again on my head. Life…Beautiful life.. :D

Day 3: Your favorite television program

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As of now, I'm currently watching GLEE season 2 and ANTM cycle 15. For tagalog teleserye, I love watching Kristine and for Korean Weekly program would be TvN's reality show, Bad Girl's Diary, I love that show so much :D

November 9, 2010

Day Two: Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

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I don't have any tattoos but I have a piercing just the normal one piercing per ear which I have since I was an infant but the thrill about my piercing is that my right piercing closes immediately when I didn't put any earrings on it for two to three days and the bad news is that I'm tooooooo lazy to put earrings hahaha and I had an experience that an earring has stuck for 1 week because a blood clot was formed so my mommy used a Lineman's pliers to removed the earrings :D

November 8, 2010


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My middle name is De los Santos. I have 2 schoolmates who has the same middle name as me, Jan Nicole De los Santos Delicana and Victorio De los Santos Guzman but we’re not really related to each other but I’ve always think that Jannic is a nth generation cousin or something like that. Anyways, My mommy said that we were Epifanio de los Santos’ great great great grandchildren, IDK if its true but my lolo really look like EDS, yeah the initials of the guy where the name EDSA came from, so I guess he’s our ancestor.

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