October 29, 2011

Football related issues: Loving the Philippine League

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Months later after the big game in FIFA 2010, Azkals became a popular name. It was a sort of a nickname for the Philippine National Football Team. And because Azkals are mostly consist of handsome half Filipino and half something, girls are now drooling over them and honestly, I'm one of them. And yes, until now I support them not because they are handsome lads but because I'm a Filipina, I shall support my Kababayans! My Kalahi!

And now, I'm getting hook to United Futbol League, a local league here in the Philippines. And there are five local teams/club that I support that would be the KAYA Futbol Club, Air Force Phoenix, Global Football Club, Loyola Meralco Sparks and Team Socceroo (which consist of 9 Brazilian Japanese!!). And I hope that football will be loved by the Pinoys like how they love Basketball. Toodles!

Football related issues: Loving the American League

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Do I like or love an American team? When I was asked what is your favorite American football club? The first club that's comes to my mind is the LA Galaxy. I love the team because David Beckham is in that team. But my love for that team is not like how I love Arsenal and Real Madrid. I love LA Galaxy because of David Beckham and that's all. And like I said in my previous post, David Beckham is my first football player crush.

Speaking of LA Galaxy, they are going to visit the Philippines this December 3 and yes with David Beckham! I'm so excited for this!!

October 28, 2011

Football related issues: Loving the Spanish League

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Spain also has one of the most popular players and club. Yes, I also have a favorite team. There are only two clubs that I will love forever and ever, Arsenal FC and CF Real Madrid. CF Real Madrid is a Spanish football club. I fell in love with CF Real Madrid because most of the players of Spain National Football Team are in this team, either in Real Madrid CF or FC Barcelona. What does Real Madrid did to attract me to their club, hmmm... I think it was because of Xabi Alonso? Xabi Alonso is one of my Spanish NT crushes. By the time I'm starting to love Real Madrid I still don't know that Ronaldo and Kaka exist. Just found out about Cristiano Ronaldo because my ex-boyfriend talked about him one time and just found out about Kaka when I saw a huge advertisement in C5 about him and he's my little brother's favorite football player. And like, Arsenal, as games passed by I learned to love the whole team and even the manager, Jose Mourinho!

Like Arsenal FC, I also fell in love with Real Madrid's kit uniform because of its simplicity, a color white with some touch of gold or blue (home colours).

And for me, Real Madrid has the most beautiful logo ever!

I also tried to love FC Barcelona, yes I did but I don't why I can't haha! Even though the best football palyer is there (Leo Messi).

Anyway, Real CF will be the only Spanish football team that I will love until I die!

October 27, 2011

Hair loss

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When I was a kid until pre teens, I have this wonderful thick hair but when I turned 18 years old, I started to skip meals and I was on a crash diet. And because of that, my immune system got weak and I also had hair loss which made my hair more thin. There were times where you can see my scalp, I had patches on my hair because of that, I’m sort of getting bald in an early age. Now, I’m planning to be more healthy and eat in a small frequent meals than to eat one big meal only.

To girls who want to lose weight, crash diet is a big NO NO! You’ll lose weight as well as your crowning glory.

Football related issues: Loving the English League

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How did I became fond of the International leagues/football clubs?

My first ever Football player crush was David Beckham, that's when I was in my pre adulthood and the second was Fernando Torres which by that time he was still a player of Liverpool (He's now in Chelsea).

Last FIFA 2010, the championship game was between the Spain National Football Team and the Netherlands National Football Team. Of course I'm rooting for Spain, not just because Fernando Torres was there but because my ancestors are Spanish which means I'm a Spanish descendant. Anyway, while watching the game I noticed this Dutch striker wearing an orange top with a number 9 on its back. I actually can't take my eyes off him until I forgot I was originally rooting for the Spanish team. As the game goes on, I found out the striker's name, he is Robin Van Persie and of course I fell in love with him haha LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. And then the Spanish team let the player with a number 4 on his back, play on the field, I was stunned and amazed and also had a crush on him. That guy would be the 24 year old, Francesc Fabregas. Anyway, Spain won the FIFA 2010.

As days passed by, my brother introduced the English league to me. He's a Manchester United and Arsenal FC fan by that time (now, he hates Man U and still love AFC). The first ever league that I have watched was BPL (Barclay's Premiere League) and the game is between the Arsenal FC and.. I forgot the other team haha! When the players were lined up, guess what who I saw? It was Robin Van Persie wearing an Arsenal kit uniform with a number 11 on his back (but now he's wearing a number 10) and there's another player that I saw and it was Cesc Fabregas with a number 4 on his back, he's not just a midfielder for the football club but he's also the captain of the team by that time (he already transferred at Barca). And loving those two player from Arsenal and after watching the games of Arsenal, it also made me love the team itself even the manager! Yes, Arsene Wenger! By that time, I was starting loving the English league and I was starting to find other clubs/teams to support. I tried Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Chelsea and other clubs. I tried to like them, love them but I don't know why I can't love them like how I love Arsenal.

And also one of the reason loving AFC is because of the simplicity of their uniform. It has a red and white kit (for home colours) and with a huge "FLY EMIRATES" on their top.

I proudly say that until now, I' am still a Gooner (which they call for fans). I will love Arsenal FC forever and ever, win or lose!

October 25, 2011

Football related Issues: How I fell in love with Football

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Football, is now in the mainstream. Many people thought I love football because it is one of the most popular sports as of now or sometimes people thought I love football because of the handsome Azkal players (Philippine National football Team).

Actually I've been in love with football since when I was in grade four. I really want to play football but by that time the only sports in our school was basketball, volleyball, track and field and Martial Arts, which I ended up taking Track and Field).

At a young age, why do I love football? Honestly, it was an influenced by a Japanese cartoon, an anime. As you can see, almost every anime, the sports of the main character is either football, basketball, or baseball. And because I have a fear of flying balls I choose football.

When I was in High school my love for football became more passionate or something like that. And my new school was near "ASCOM" which has a soccer field. Anyway, I was planning to enroll or join a soccer team but unfortunately my free will are controlled by my parents in short I don't have FREEDOM and "bantay sarado" by my parents.

FAST FORWARD. Blah blah blah. When I transferred school for college my love for the sport slowly disappears. My hope for being a soccer player slowly fades away.

And by that time, my beloved brother starts to play football and because of that my love for football came back. And because of him, I started to watch FIFA World Cup and obviously I have a Spanish bloodline, I rooted for Espana even though by that time I don't know the name even the looks or ability of the players, I just gave my trust to them because they are Spaniards!

October 23, 2011

Misagh Bahadoran

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Going gaga over Misagh. Yun lang *bow* haha! :)) Ako na ako na adik kay Misagh nyahaha! Super duper uber bait niya at may nalalaman pang siyang pag pat ng likod (pat, yung pat sa likod ah basta yun). And I love his accent, soobrang cool! haha yun lang, di ko mapigilang kiligin hahaha!

October 20, 2011

Putting a Batangas Sign on Taal Volcano like the ones in Hollywood

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What do you think? Me? I'm against about it!!

October 14, 2011

A Lesson Learned

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I just want to share a lesson I have learned for today; that nothing really lasts forever, even your own life. I've been this happy-go-lucky girl who's really not afraid to die and doesn't care when would I die. Something happened and made me realize that I should treasure every moment I have. From now on, I will live every day like it would be my last and will treasure every moment of it. I will always say Thank you to all the people who I'm with for that day and I promise I will not regret any stuff that I have done. I will not let any problems or struggles affect my life because it is just a waste of time and there are more important things to do than worrying stuff. I will always do my best because there would be no tomorrow like this.

My new motto/words of wisdom or whatsoever: "I would live like there would be no tomorrow"

October 13, 2011

Babyface to Ladylike..? Hmm..?

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I was told by my mentor that every time I'm in front and doing my speech she always sees me as a kid. She said that I look like a 15 year old high school student reciting in front. And she told Ate Dana that I should have a total make over haha!! I just found out that having a baby face also has its own disadvantage. They told me if they are one of the participants/audience they would not believe in everything I have said in the stage because I don't look like a college grad but they see me as a high school student.

First Step: Change wardrobe: From flats to heels; from pants to slacks; From skirts to dress; From socks to stockings.
Second Step: Let my hair grow, because short hair makes me more young (although I want to look young but I need to look professional), gonna bring back that long messy wavy hair of mine!! :D
Third Step: Posture!!! Stand straight, shoulder relax, chest out, stomach in.
Fourth Step: Make-up; I actually don't have any problem about that.
Fifth Step: Change bag: From knapsack/backpack to leather shoulder bags.

Lezz do this Aya!! Aja!

But still If I don't have work I will still wear my usual kid like t-shirts and shorts with my favorite leather backpack and chucks. :) That's me and I would not change it.

October 2, 2011

I LOVE Pudding!

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I'm falling in love with this Ipod touch/Iphone application although it's in Korean. Anyway, try to install it in your itouch/iphone, you'll enjoy taking pictures of yourself.

October 1, 2011

Birthday Wish

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Dear God,

Alam ko pong dalawang buwan pa bago ako magbirthday pero ngayon pa lang sasabihin ko na kong ano ang gusto kong regalo para sa bday ko. God, masaya na ko na bigyan niyo ko ng bagong hair dryer/blower. Okay na po ako dun. Thank you po.

Sino kaya ang mabait na tao na magreregalo ng hair dryer sa akin hahahahaha!!


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