October 27, 2011

Football related issues: Loving the English League

posted by Aya Empeo at 07:23
How did I became fond of the International leagues/football clubs?

My first ever Football player crush was David Beckham, that's when I was in my pre adulthood and the second was Fernando Torres which by that time he was still a player of Liverpool (He's now in Chelsea).

Last FIFA 2010, the championship game was between the Spain National Football Team and the Netherlands National Football Team. Of course I'm rooting for Spain, not just because Fernando Torres was there but because my ancestors are Spanish which means I'm a Spanish descendant. Anyway, while watching the game I noticed this Dutch striker wearing an orange top with a number 9 on its back. I actually can't take my eyes off him until I forgot I was originally rooting for the Spanish team. As the game goes on, I found out the striker's name, he is Robin Van Persie and of course I fell in love with him haha LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. And then the Spanish team let the player with a number 4 on his back, play on the field, I was stunned and amazed and also had a crush on him. That guy would be the 24 year old, Francesc Fabregas. Anyway, Spain won the FIFA 2010.

As days passed by, my brother introduced the English league to me. He's a Manchester United and Arsenal FC fan by that time (now, he hates Man U and still love AFC). The first ever league that I have watched was BPL (Barclay's Premiere League) and the game is between the Arsenal FC and.. I forgot the other team haha! When the players were lined up, guess what who I saw? It was Robin Van Persie wearing an Arsenal kit uniform with a number 11 on his back (but now he's wearing a number 10) and there's another player that I saw and it was Cesc Fabregas with a number 4 on his back, he's not just a midfielder for the football club but he's also the captain of the team by that time (he already transferred at Barca). And loving those two player from Arsenal and after watching the games of Arsenal, it also made me love the team itself even the manager! Yes, Arsene Wenger! By that time, I was starting loving the English league and I was starting to find other clubs/teams to support. I tried Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Chelsea and other clubs. I tried to like them, love them but I don't know why I can't love them like how I love Arsenal.

And also one of the reason loving AFC is because of the simplicity of their uniform. It has a red and white kit (for home colours) and with a huge "FLY EMIRATES" on their top.

I proudly say that until now, I' am still a Gooner (which they call for fans). I will love Arsenal FC forever and ever, win or lose!


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