October 13, 2011

Babyface to Ladylike..? Hmm..?

posted by Aya Empeo at 08:24
I was told by my mentor that every time I'm in front and doing my speech she always sees me as a kid. She said that I look like a 15 year old high school student reciting in front. And she told Ate Dana that I should have a total make over haha!! I just found out that having a baby face also has its own disadvantage. They told me if they are one of the participants/audience they would not believe in everything I have said in the stage because I don't look like a college grad but they see me as a high school student.

First Step: Change wardrobe: From flats to heels; from pants to slacks; From skirts to dress; From socks to stockings.
Second Step: Let my hair grow, because short hair makes me more young (although I want to look young but I need to look professional), gonna bring back that long messy wavy hair of mine!! :D
Third Step: Posture!!! Stand straight, shoulder relax, chest out, stomach in.
Fourth Step: Make-up; I actually don't have any problem about that.
Fifth Step: Change bag: From knapsack/backpack to leather shoulder bags.

Lezz do this Aya!! Aja!

But still If I don't have work I will still wear my usual kid like t-shirts and shorts with my favorite leather backpack and chucks. :) That's me and I would not change it.


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