October 25, 2011

Football related Issues: How I fell in love with Football

posted by Aya Empeo at 13:02
Football, is now in the mainstream. Many people thought I love football because it is one of the most popular sports as of now or sometimes people thought I love football because of the handsome Azkal players (Philippine National football Team).

Actually I've been in love with football since when I was in grade four. I really want to play football but by that time the only sports in our school was basketball, volleyball, track and field and Martial Arts, which I ended up taking Track and Field).

At a young age, why do I love football? Honestly, it was an influenced by a Japanese cartoon, an anime. As you can see, almost every anime, the sports of the main character is either football, basketball, or baseball. And because I have a fear of flying balls I choose football.

When I was in High school my love for football became more passionate or something like that. And my new school was near "ASCOM" which has a soccer field. Anyway, I was planning to enroll or join a soccer team but unfortunately my free will are controlled by my parents in short I don't have FREEDOM and "bantay sarado" by my parents.

FAST FORWARD. Blah blah blah. When I transferred school for college my love for the sport slowly disappears. My hope for being a soccer player slowly fades away.

And by that time, my beloved brother starts to play football and because of that my love for football came back. And because of him, I started to watch FIFA World Cup and obviously I have a Spanish bloodline, I rooted for Espana even though by that time I don't know the name even the looks or ability of the players, I just gave my trust to them because they are Spaniards!


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