August 24, 2010

Fur Serquinia

posted by Aya Empeo at 08:00
Sir Fur was one of the best ever CI RTRMS-MMC (currently known as MMC-CN) ever had. It was a bit depressing about the news that he died last August 22, 2010 due to Pleural Effusion s/t Pneumonia.

Sir Fur started as a CI when we were on our 2nd year of college. He didn't became our CI but I had heard lots of negative feedbacks about him and yes I did hated him because of those feedbacks. At my 3rd year Summer Class, He became one of the CIs in our RLE and I remember that I told him in one of the activities that there's something wrong with group 3's presentation and then he said "Sige tumayo ka! Isigaw mo!" and ofcourse I was too embarrassed to shout it out so Sir decided that Shem should do the honor haha. At the first day of 3rd year we were told that Sir Fur would be our Clinical Instructor for our fourth rotation in Pediatrics 6th floor at MMC. At the first day he told us "You should address me as Sir Serquinia not Sir Fur kasi hindi ako Surfer." I remember that it was so hard adjusting are duties because Sir Fur has also classes for Masterals. As a CI he taught me to love nursing, he taught me to appreciate the ADPIE process, he taught me how important doing the assessment and how every single cues are so important for Nursing Care and he also taught me the easiest way to measure the IV line and the use of gum label. He also love watching cartoons, He memorize every songs of any cartoons such Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, etc even the Tagalog dubbed songs of these cartoons. And yeah I almost forgot that I love his voice and I love how he sings, he has an angelic voice. I remember this day as we call it the Pokerface days, we presented our case study thru Lady Gaga's Pokerface and he was so proud of us and he even told the lower years about us. He's one of the Group Twoot's favorite so I thanked God for letting us have Sir Fur. Please take care of him Lord, God. To Sir Fur, you will always be in our hearts, thank you.


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