August 17, 2010

Confession of a Fro-Yo Addict

posted by Aya Empeo at 14:19

When I was a kid I love eating Ice cream, I'll do anything to eat ice cream. I never got tired of eating those Ice cream but when I turned 16 years old I was a bit conscious of my weight and tried to eat Yogurt (because they said that helps you to lose weight) and I got addicted to Yogurt.

I started eating frozen Yogurt just last May 2010 were me and Majo ate at Red Mango, it does taste like Yogurt (the sour taste). At around June, me and Jezza tried White Hat and yes, we got addicted to it and we've been returning to White Hat almost everyday! I tried California Berry for FroYo's sake and it does taste like Red Mango with the sour taste of yogurt. Just weeks ago we ate at Tutti Frutti and it was also delicious but it didn't replaced White Hat as my number 1. And just yesterday, I ate at Qoola with Laiza and I fell in love with it! And it has replaced White Hat as my number 1 favorite Frozen Yogurt although it's a bit expensive. And now, I'm craving for fro-yo!

My Fro-yo toplist:

1. Qoola
2. White Hat
3. Tutti Frutti
4. Red Mango
5. California Berry

My Pending List of Fro-yo:
*I love berries
*green apple
*golden spoon
*yoh-gurt froz
*lulu belle


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