October 18, 2010

Names that I miss

posted by Aya Empeo at 19:10

Saw an old entry from my old blog about my names and nicknames and their meaninghttp://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=118985660215. So here I'm going to write the names I miss being called and the people who called me by these names.

Arirang - called by NG Troopers (My HS friends

Yen - IRC Chatmates

Nuriko - J-anne Fuentes

!Mei Mei - IRC xp


Mara - Shiela Rondina

Yukinohime or Yuki-chan -forum mates or people I met online :D

Aya-dono - Joel Bernados :)

Cox - Clarins Torrontegu

iGreat Mom - Group Twoot

Aya-chan - Shem Bermudez, Torio Guzman, Alot Aludo, Cez Cuerdo, Charm Gauiran and Franz Galang

Empyot - Jannic Delicana

Impyo - Reynalyn Nodora and Tim Lazo

Arapot - longtime neighbors

Ayaness -Marijo Cuevas

Ayanessan -The two japanese kids I babysit, Youji and Misa.

Papaya - Joan Otarra aka Banana

Ayapot -Ate Ren (Grace Dela Cruz) and Niegel Teodoro

Princesa, Senorita, Donya Ara -My father and my yaya

Aya-kun -Franz Galang

MAE - a staff nurse from MMC

Japan Japan - Nachee Patricio

Ra -MommyRara -Inna Del Castillo

Itoko -Jannic Delicana

Aia-chan -Alex Rivera

Haruhi -Shem Bermudez aka Kyon xp

Aya-shan -Isabel

-Naddine Sarto

Baya, Haya, Kaya, Bochok, Bubuchacha, Chachachan... -Marijo Mae Cuevas

Yaya -Cavinti Kids

Imouta-chan -Tino Dumlao


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