December 13, 2010

NMAT and Pre Birthday Celebration

posted by Aya Empeo at 06:30
Just took the National Medicine Admission Test yesterday (December 12, 2010) at the De La Salle University. My testing room was assigned at the St. La Salle Building same with Nachee and Majo. Majo and I have the same testing room and guess what we we're sitting next to each other even though it was alphabetically arranged. And yeah, we are 3 RTR students in the same room, the other one is a lower batch and he still recognized us and at first I thought we were 4 RTR students and unfortunately the girl who's sitting behind me was not a RTR student and I was embarassed to ask her directly about our C.I. without asking if she's from our school haha but well, we got close to her. I think that we are 5 RTR students inside the Building, the other one was an alumni.

The first practical test was easy I mean I can still handle the exam but the pressure was too much. I was still at the half of Test D when the proctor announced that there are only 10 minutes left. I was doing my best to read and answer fast and luckily I've answered all the questions.

At lunch time, we stayed at Mcdo and ate our baons there while waiting for Nachee.

The second practical test was really hard and because it was really hard you can finish it ahead of time due to guessing haha. I hate Physics, I do not hate Chemistry but I can't remember all the things I've learned from High school and 1st and 2nd year college. I've finished the set ahead of time and didn't used the scratch paper given to me haha

After NMAT, I had a Last Day Celebration as a 20 year old lady at the Yellow cab with Majo, Nachee, Alex, Kym and Enski. Enski lives near Vito Cruz so I let her join in our mini celebration. I enjoyed this tiring day. Well, I super thank God for guiding me and giving me more time to celebrate. Thank you so much!

Well, to all NMAT takers. Good luck to us and I hope we will get the grades that we needed. God bless us all :D


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