February 26, 2012

Milk Tea

posted by Aya Empeo at 11:35
The first Milk Tea I ever drank was from Gong Cha's and I don't hate it or like it. I never like milk teas because it's too mainstream and I like ice creams and yogurts than milk teas but something made me long for a milk tea.

It was a toxic duty day and the charged nurse is really addicted to Serenitea, specifically Winter melon. So they called and ordered at Serenitea in Rada St., Makati City and they have a minimum delivery ordered price something like that I think it's around 300php. Anyway, I was not really on duty on that station, the FRONT Station, I was in the other station which they call REAR. When I just passed by the station, my friend who's having her duty at the said station asked me... actually she forced me to order Serenitea's Okinawa and because of her great convincing power I said "Okay!". That's what we call... PEER PRESSURE!

Make the story short, I got addicted to Serenitea's Okinawa! Although I haven't finished the whole glass and gave it to Eirene. I love it and made me changed my thoughts about milk teas! And until now I'm longing for the taste of Serenitea's Okinawa. I hope I can have another milk tea from Serenitea! I'll try to visit Serenitea at Rada St. after duty :)


Ayel on February 28, 2012 at 3:42 PM said...

nice! i have not tried those yet, but what I've tried is Chowking's NaiCha, i mean i think that's the first. and it's still the best for me. hihihi... :)

xian on March 15, 2012 at 11:27 AM said...

I am currently addicted to milk teas too :) One those I often by is Bubble Tea <3 ever since college XD and recently, Happy lemon and Chatime. There are so many milk tea houses nowadays ;) i'll try serenitea too :) hihi~

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