April 15, 2012

Pediatric Nurse

posted by Aya Empeo at 18:40
Last April 12, 2012, the assigned unit were given to us. The first list was a list of nurses for the General Nursing Unit and I was so happy when I was not listed there.

I remember when they told us our final unit assignment, I was so happy that I was not assigned to the General Nursing Unit. And then my excitement sort of leveled up.. something like that. and told my self... "OH MY FCKING SHT, I will be aasign to the High Risk Unit... NEUROPSYCHIATRIC UNIT!!"

And then, the list for the high risk unit is next. Yes, I was assigned to the High Risk Unit but not as a Psyche Nurse but as a Pedia Nurse! Still, the floor assigned for me is also one of my favorite but.. I was expecting.. expecting that I will do NPIs, Restrainings, Theracom. Anyway, I love kids and I'm good on taking care of them. God has a good purpose for putting me there. i trust Him and I'll do my best, 100% EFFORT!!


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