November 2, 2009


posted by Aya Empeo at 02:37
how are you, my blog? it's been a while since my last entry.

I have this dilemma. There's this guy who I've met last march 2008 and he confessed to me last april 2009 that he has this romantic feelings towards me. Then he told me that he wants me to be his girl and been waiting for my answer for six months! Believe that? :0

He's not actually my dream guy, my prince charming, my edward cullen. He's just an ordinary guy and opposite of the type of guy that I want but he passed on my two requirements which are the height (which should be taller than me 5'7" and above) and the age (can be the same age or older than me.. about 5 years?).

And guess what? I think I'm falling for him.. >.< My problem is that I'm not ready for this kind of relationship. You see, I am a "No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth" girl and my parents doesn't know anything about the guy and his intentions though my little brothers knew there's something going on with me and the guy.

And now, I have decided to tell him PERSONALLY what I feel for him on Wednesday. Please, please pray for me. T.T


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