November 20, 2009


posted by Aya Empeo at 19:05
Had our retreat last November 12-14 at Tagaytay Haven. I was assigned to room 305 with my roommates Maan Lim and Gail Ducusin. The place was a paradise, I love the climate, the environment and everything! I also love our room though the only missing at our room is the television!! T.T
November 12 - Our first day and night at Tagaytay Haven. Picture over there and over here. Our sleeping time was 10pm and other students are trying to escape and go to other rooms that has television and watch PBB! Unfortunately, I haven't watch that night's episode because we were afraid to be caught.
November 13 - I cried a lot. :( Embarassed. I cried to a batchmate who's not close to me. Yikes! Anyway, it was a nice experience. Our sleeping time was extended until PBB is finished! haha and this time we've watched the night's episode.
November 14 - Batch Picture. Class Picture. love it! And it's our last day at the hotel!! awww...
Lessons Learned:
  • That I should love my parents without anyway reason not because they're my parents. "Mommy and Daddy, I love you."
  • No one can bear not watching pbb x3 Everyone sacrificed their online lives for the retreat but no one can stand not watching PBB! They.. We will do everything just to watch every episode. :D

Photos can be seen @ my livejournal


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