October 8, 2009


posted by Aya Empeo at 23:04
Last tuesday, October 6, 2009, I went to Amf-Puyat bowling center to watch my parents play bowling. When I came at the bowling alley they were announcing the leading players in game two where my mommy was in the 3rd place for the female's division and my daddy at 4th place for the male's division. My parents are both in different lanes, as far as I remember my father was in lane 13&14 while my mom was in lane 19&20. I was sitting on the seats in lane 19&20 and watching my mom playing (while twittering and eating katsudon), I've noticed that my mom is always getting a spare (all pins are down after two balls) and I've noticed that since I came she haven't had any strikes so after eating the katsudon I transferred seats from lane 19&20 to lane 13&14 because it was really cold in my mom's lane and I have a feeling that I'm a jinx to her. :) Anyway, I watched my dad play and I was so amazed to see his score full of spares and strikes (all pins are down by using one ball only). So I stayed there and watch him. At the ninth frame he had a foundation. :)
My father's initial is RE. Foundation is a strike (X) in the ninth frame
And then at the tenth frame he got a strike followed by a spare but still he got a sandwich game. That's a nice one though he wanted a strikeout (three strikes in the tenth frame).

Sandwich Game is a 200 game with alternating strikes and spares

I saw my mom's score she had a strike on the last box of her tenth frame. :)

Anyway, here's the good news. After the game the guy in the counter is announcing the winners. By the way, my dad was standing at the counter side, my mom said my daddy was counting his score. So I was waiting for my daddy's position. Unfortunately the second and first place was not my dad, actually it made me sad because I was expecting that he would be either in the second place or first place, and when the champion was declared, we were surprised to hear the winner's name and it was my daddy! hehe. He was the champion in the men's division and I didn't expected that he'll be the champion. Then in the female's division the top 3 was declared and didn't hear my mom's name and later found out that she was in the fourth place.

Anyway, I'm so happy for the both of them.

Congratulations for the both of you and I'm so proud of you.
And let me play bowling again.. :D please.
and both of you promised that you'll be my coach ;)
remember? hehe

snapshot of my daddy playing bowling


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