August 28, 2009

Bucket List

posted by Aya Empeo at 23:36
We had a film showing for a subject in our school and one of the movies we've watched was "The Bucket List". It was a heart warming movie about two different persons who has cancer and did a list of things they want to do before they die.

So here I am making a list of things I want to do before I die. (This is actually our assignment hehe)

  • I want to travel the world. Go to see the places and meet other people. Appreciate what God made for us.
  • Join in an United Nation organization.
  • Memorized all the brand/kinds of Cars :)
  • Have my own Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, Lexus LS Hybrid or Porsche 911
  • Finished studying Arts or Medicine
  • Have a huge house at Tagaytay or Antipolo for my parents
  • Donate my money to an orphanage or house of the aged and to WWF and PAWS. And also to UNICEF.
  • Do extreme sports.
  • Join a F1 or F4 racing and freestyle motorcross
  • Buy my daddy a Honda Hawk GT or Pulse 500 motorcycle. (my father is a motorcycle addict)
  • Have my own BMW grand prix motorcycle
  • Buy my mommy a Lexus IS-F (my mother loves Lexus so much)
  • Make my mommy stop gambling
  • Make my little brothers stop their vices.
  • Have my own Canon Eos 5d
  • Learn all the musical instruments specially violin and piano.
  • Have my own manga/comic published
  • Have a own photography gallery
  • Have my own art gallery
  • Drink lots of alcohol beverage and softdrinks and eat all the food and drinks that I should not eat. Drink all kinds of coffee. :)
  • Eat a live octupus from South Korea.
  • Ride on a rollercoaster.
  • Stand in two places.
  • Eat a bundaegi, a steamed/boiled silkworm pupae, from South Korea
  • Be a member of a orchestra
  • Make a good charitable work.
  • Teach children to be closer to God.
  • Assist in a Heart Surgery.
  • Reconcile my aunt's family and my mother.
  • Have a grand reunion of Empeo, De Leon and Ballesteros family at Gumaca, Quezon
  • Have my own land and house in my father's hometown, Gumaca, Quezon.
  • Have a super huge christmas tree :)
  • Make a snowman.
  • Have a human sized Mickey Mouse doll.
  • Swim in the Lake or River naked x3
  • To see a Pirahnna with my two own eyes.
  • And lastly to marry to someone I love and have my own family and my own children. :)

:) there's still things I want to do that were not listed.

I'm planning to buy a book entitled "Places you must see before you die" and I'll start the travelling after I graduate :).


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