January 6, 2011

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

posted by Aya Empeo at 11:21

1. I'm a half breed Pinay and Española.

2. My mom said that Epifanio de los Santos was our great great great grandfather.

3. I can bend my leg around my neck, sort of like that.

4. I'am a frustrated ballerina, gymnast, figure skater and singer

5. I didn't attend my ballet class when I was 6 years old because my little brother told me that ballet are for gays.

6. I've attained a level 2 yellow belt in my Karate-do.

7. I love reading books especially the classic ones :D

8. I have a serious fear on Zombies!

9. I'm a horror freak, I love ghost hunting and stuffs

10. I love to travel. If there's a walking dictionary and book, I'm the walking map :D

11. I have an allergy on alcohol.

12. My stomach is damaged, I have gastritis.

13. My eyes has a vision of L- +575 R -+600 both with astigmatism of +125

14. I wear green contact lens outside our house and I wear my eyeglasses if I'm at home or school.

15. I have a weak lungs.

16. I get easily bruised.

17. I hate violence.

18. I'm frustrated to get thin.

19. I love walking.

20. I'm suicidal when I was in High school.

21. I love anime.

22. I'm a sucker for green mangoes and bagoong!

23. I love dancing in front of our human sized mirror.

24. I love cute things!

25. You can only hear me curse or say bad words once in a blue moon haha

26. I love the Orchestra and Musicals.

27. I can distinguished the difference between the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese.

28. I do photography as a hobby.

29. I've memorized the 44 Presidents of the United States of America and also the Asian Countries and its Capital when I was 14-15 years old. Out of boredom.

30. And lastly, I love God!


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