June 14, 2011


posted by Aya Empeo at 11:11
Who should decide your future? You or your parents?

I have finished the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing last April 2010 and passed the Nursing Licensure Exam last July 2010. But deep inside me I never like BSN, I never dreamed to be a nurse. So now, you'll want to ask me why did I take nursing? I was forced by my parents to take this course. Yes, I' am one of the High school graduates of year 2006 who was forced to study BSN by their parents because nursing boomed and was in demand by that year. And another reason is that my mom was having a projection, she wants me to pursue her dream, yes it was her dream. Anyway, I finished BSN without any problems bu tI don't have any job today like the other bum RNs.

I remembered last five years ago, they promised me that they will allow me to take any course I like after I finish BSN. So I planned to take Medicine. I really want to be a doctor or a tour guide, and I' am serious with the tour guide thing. And because as time goes by, I enjoyed the duty as a nurse so I decided to take a course related to the course I have finished. By this month I'm going to take NMAT, an entrance exam for med students and do my best.

My parents are both police officers, and now my father is retired and wants me to be a police nurse. He wants that one of his child will follow his footsteps. And he wants me, his one and only daughter. I cried while he was telling this to me. I don't want to be a police, I don't even want to be a nurse. I'm not the only kid he has, he has two other sons. Why not ask them and they are guys, they are fitted to that course or job or whatsoever. I have enough following your dreams. I want to follow mine. I want to be successful because of my dream not following my parents'.

May God help me and guide me. I will give myself a deadline until December 2011, and if I don't pass, I mean have the grade that I should have. I'll continue the job that is related with my course.


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