April 18, 2011


posted by Aya Empeo at 11:29
This year is a bit ugly as of now, been weeping and depressed since the start of 2011. I just accepted an awful news last week and once again I've received another one. Everything was ruined, all my plans for this year, everything. But this news won't let me down, it will make me stronger. These struggles made me to stand up and smile after crying, made me to release my emotions and stop to suppress and neglect it. I trust God, I believe in Him. He has plans for me, better plans and I know He won't let me down. I'm still full of Cations, lots lots of them and I don't mind the people who rejects me there still lots of them and its not my loss not being accepted by you. And I think God made this because He knows that you are enough for me, you are not the best plan for me. And once again, I trust God.


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